Join an Advisory Board

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Every academy needs a full complement of advisory board members in order to provide NAF academy students a robust, enriching academy experience.  

NAF advisory boards bridge schools and communities, and consist of approximately 15 business leaders and community members. These individuals together provide the classroom speakers, mentors, job-shadowing venues, funding for scholarships, and paid internships for all eligible academy students.  

A NAF academy advisory board member:

  • Enjoys creating customized work experiences in which students develop skills necessary for academic and professional success;
  • Appreciates the value of capable and caring adult mentorship and professional internships to high school students who would not otherwise access this support;
  • Understands the critical importance of their partnership to academy staff and students who thrive with a strong degree of engagement from an academy advisory board.

Academies are not only enhanced by a creative and engaged advisory board, but defined by it. NAF advisory boards are a key component in the NAF academy model.

Corporate personnel, representatives from institutions of higher learning, representatives from community-based non-profits, local or regional government representatives, small-business owners and employees all offer vast and essential resources that complete the structure of the NAF academy model.

NAF advisory board members commit to:

  • Participate in monthly meetings with academy directors and staff to discuss curriculum implementation and the integration of classroom and workplace experiences
  • Generate opportunities for teachers and students to access internships and other meaningful work-based learning experiences year round
  • Attract and cultivate new and existing advisory board members as core partners in the NAF academy model

Additionally, an Advisory Board member provides financial and/or human resources to support the NAF academy program by raising and contributing funds for scholarships.