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NAFTrack Certification (formerly known as SCAS)

NAF academy students can now earn a NAFTrack certification—a credential that is increasingly being recognized by colleges, universities, employers and professional trade associations for its assurance, backed by data, that these NAF graduates are college and career ready.

NAFTrack Certification a tool for measuring college and career readiness. It combines classroom and workplace learning to measure career and technical knowledge and skill proficiencies. These proficiencies are aligned with industry-recognized standards including foundational 21st century skills essential in establishing a student’s overall readiness for college and career. The system shares the view of the new Common Core State Standards assessment system -- that assessment should combine both testing of content knowledge as well as performance of projects and activities.

NAFTrack Certification was created with educator and employer input and includes end-of-course exams, culminating project assessments, and an internship assessment. The end result, a NAFTrack certificate, is rewarded to seniors who display mastery of 21st century skills and by account of these assessments, are college and career ready.  The certificate will recognized by industry associations, some of which will also issue a joint certificate.  Find out who is on board for each of our themes here.

NAF and WestEd developed assessments to correspond with the NAF curriculum in finance, hospitality & tourism, and information technology. Engineering assessments and certification are provided by NAF's curriculum partners, Project Lead the Way, STEM 101, and Paxton/Patterson.  

The student certification assessment guides for course-based assessments are now available with the other course materials. The link is in the Course Overview page between the Culminating Project Overview and the Common Core State Standards crosswalk.

To participate in NAFTrack Certification or for information about NAFTrack Certification training, please contact your network liaison. For contact information for your NAF network liaison, please click here. While using the system, please review the “Help” section in the navigation list at the left side of your screen.  Tips are provided for you regarding several key activities. 

Additionally, for expert technical support, please contact Internet Testing Systems (ITS). The ITS support team is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST online, via email or by phone. An online request for assistance can be submitted when logged into the system. The ITS support email is and phone is 1-800-514-8494.

If you have questions about NAFTrack Certification (formerly known as SCAS) general practices or continue to have difficulty, please contact


What does it mean to be certified “College and Career Ready?”
It is generally accepted that college and career readiness includes certain levels of proficiency in math and English a student needs to enroll, without need for remediation, and succeed in, credit-bearing courses required to earn a certificate or degree enabling entry and advancement in a career path that affords a standard of living to which we all aspire as individuals and as a society. The level of proficiency in math and English required and other academic requirements vary by state, educational mission of the institution, and many other factors.

It is also generally accepted that college and career readiness includes more than some basic academic knowledge. It requires some basic career knowledge also. It includes contextual knowledge about, and the ability to navigate college and career entry paths. And perhaps most importantly, it requires certain abilities (knowledge and skill) essential for college and career success in any field—foundational skills like communication and critical thinking, interpersonal skills like teamwork and collaboration, and self-management skills like self-direction and awareness of one’s own abilities and performance.

NAFTrack Certification was designed to address the need for a means of authentically assessing students’ basic career and technical knowledge, readiness to successfully navigate college and career paths and those abilities—also called 21st century skills—most agree are essential for both college and career readiness and success.

International Baccalaureate Career-Related Certificate (IBCC):

NAF is working with International Baccalaureate to offer the IB Career-related Certificate to students enrolled in both a NAF academy and at an International Baccalaureate World School offering the Diploma Program. The International Baccalaureate offers academically challenging and balanced programs of education that prepare students for success. The IBCC incorporates the educational principles, vision and learner profile of the IB into a unique offering that specifically addresses the needs of students who wish to engage in career-related education.

Articulation Agreements:

NAF is in the process of establishing a memoranda of understanding with more than 60 colleges and universities who agree to recognize NAF academy graduates who have earned Certification as they apply for admission and advanced credit. Check out who is already on board.

NOTE: Effective the spring term of 2014, NAF will no longer issue certificates of completion. Until then, academies that use the certificate of completion templates may continue to do so, but academies that have never issued NAF certificates of completion are discouraged from doing so now to avoid confusion as we transition to the assessment-based certificate.