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NAF academy students complement their core academic studies with a focus on one of the following career themes: Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology, Engineering, or Health Sciences.

Themes prioritize professional fields in which young people are most likely to find opportunities for employment, development, growth, financial reward, and advancement.

Each theme is chosen based on industry research that demonstrates growth trends and predicts rising rates of employment in the years ahead.

Corporate and industry leaders further attest to job growth and stability in their field. Before launching a new theme, NAF secures the strong endorsement of its corporate partners who commit to help NAF nurture partnerships between businesses and schools at the national and local level. Industry partnerships are vital to assuring the success of students and schools.


The Academy of Finance connects high school students with the world of financial services and personal finance, offering a curriculum that covers banking and credit, financial planning, global finance, securities, insurance, accounting, and economics.  The Academy of Finance curriculum and certification is being validated by the Council for Economic Education.

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The Academy of Hospitality & Tourism helps students chart career paths in one of the world’s largest industries, from hotel management to sports, entertainment, and event management, and includes the study of geography, economics, and world cultures. The Academy of Hospitality & Tourism curriculum has received industry validation from the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP) and The Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT).  Additionally, GTTP and the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism offer a joint certification.

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The Academy of Information Technology prepares students for career opportunities in programming, database administration, web design and administration, digital networks, and other areas in the expanding digital workplace. SAS will validate the curriculum and offer a joint certification.  In addition Juniper Networks has agreed upon an AOIT program of study, linked to NAF assessments, that will qualify students to enter its professional training program, Junosphere, and earn a Juniper certificate.

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The Academy of Health Sciences addresses the critical achievement gap in STEM fields and develops a pipeline of students prepared to pursue health-related degrees and professions in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, including biotechnology, genetics, nursing, therapeutics, and diagnostics.  The Academy of Health Sciences is a curriculum partner with Project Lead the Way Inc. (PLTW), an organization providing curriculum support for STEM education. HOSA- Future Health Professionals provides opportunities to AOHS students to build college and career-readiness skills. 

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The Academy of Engineering answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school students in the principles of engineering, and providing content in the fields of electronics, biotech, aerospace, civil engineering, and architecture. Academies use curriculum from Project Lead The Way, Inc. (PLTW)The STEM Academy, or Paxton/Patterson.  They also benefit from support provided by National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), ConnectEd, and SME Education Foundation. Click here for more information on the curriculum available.

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