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Office of the President

JD Hoye, President - BIO
Mary AdamsExecutive Assistant
Kearney StanifordSenior Advisor, External Relations


Anne StantonExecutive Director, Future Ready Venture

Andrew RothsteinSenior Vice President, Programs
Irene Lynn, Senior Advisor, Program Development
Colleen DeveryAssistant Vice President, Strategic Planning and Programs

Academy Development

Brenda Barry, Assistant Vice President, Academy Development

Professional Development

Keisha Stephenson TaylorDirector of Professional Development

Regional Directors

Helen BlanchDirector, Regions 1 & 2 (Northeast and Southeast)
Dee ChamblissDirector, Region 3 (Central)
Mike HensonDirector, Region 4 (West)


Region 1 (Northeast)

Tanya Navas, New York Director
Jennifer Dick, Academy Development Manager
Laura Fidler, Instructional Manager
Jennifer Geisler, Network Liaison

Region 2 (Southeast)

Jeanne Friedman, Florida State Director and US Virgin Islands
Reedy Wade, Academy Development Manager
Brooke Rice, Instructional Manager
Lori BitarNetwork Liaison, Florida

Region 3 (Central)

Marcy Aycock, Academy Development Manager
Fred Press, Network Liaison

Region 4 (West)

Akili Moses Israel, California Director
Aazam Irilian, Academy Development Manager
DeAira Handugan, Academy Development Manager
Shane Okamoto, Academy Development Manager
Kevin English, Instructional Manager
James Cole, Work-Based Learning Manager
Ana Morrison, Network Liaison

Network Engagement and Growth

Bill Taylor, Associate Vice President, Network Engagement and Growth
Christel Kaufman, Director of Growth and Development
Patricia Brown, National Director, Corporate Engagement
Rich Tulikangas, Director of Work-Based Learning
Tiffany Barfield, Corporate Engagement Manager

Research and Evaluation

Katherine Blasik, Assistant Vice President, Research and Evaluation
Patti Smith, Director of Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
Joep Koenen, Director of Research Services
Kriti Verma, Senior Web Developer


Umang Beri, Director of Information Technology
Dwayne Rose, Technical Project Manager

Marketing & Communications

Lisa Dughi, Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Dana Pungello, Director of Communications
Caroline Mosley, Marketing Assistant

Institutional Advancement

Neysa Yoon-Cho, Vice President Institutional Advancement
Trudy Stallings, Director of Development
Allison Oldehoff, Campaign Director
Jaye Kepniss, Development Operations Manager
Kayla McCaffrey, Development Manager
Alyssa Grebe, Development Coordinator

Ira Berkowitz, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Demers, Director of Finance
Laura Beaubien, Senior Accountant
Arlene Osborne, Staff Accountant
Angela Watson, Membership Services Coordinator


Brooke BuchananDirector of Administrative Services
Andria Blatt, Human Resources Manager
Sarina Mathai, Administrative Coordinator
Ravi Hunter, Operations Associate