Statistics and Research

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Download the 2013-2014 data overview here.


Research and evaluation confirm the effectiveness of NAF academies and the career-academy model: 

  • 52% of NAF graduates earn bachelor’s degrees in four years—compared with 32% nationally.
  • Of those who go on to post-secondary education, more than 50% are the first in their families to go to college.
  • 90% of students report that the academies helped them to develop career plans.
  • 85% of 5 and 10 year alumni are working in a professional field.
  • Career-academy graduates sustained $16,704 more in total earnings over the 8 years following high school than non-academy group members who were also studied—11% more per year.
  • Young men from career-academies experienced increased earnings over 8 years totaling $30,000 – 17% more per year than non-academy group members studied – thanks to a combination of increased wages, hours worked, and employment stability.
  • An increased percentage of career-academy graduates live independently with children and a spouse or partner eight years following high school—young men, specifically, reported positive effects on marriage and parenting.
  • In the 2013-2014 school year, NAF's 253 STEM-related academies served nearly 38,000 students.  Learn more here.



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