Student & Alumni Stories

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NAF academy students provide the best insight into the value and impact of a NAF academy experience.

Their stories recounting their internships and mentorships remind business partners of the vitally important role they play in students’ growth and development.

Teachers and school administrators, likewise, find inspiration for their efforts in academy students’ descriptions of the sense of belonging, support, and strong motivation they get at school.

Enjoy these glimpses into what an academy experience looks like from the point of view of our most invested and engaged partners. Have a story to tell?  Share it with us!



NAF Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Graduate, 2005
Maui, HI
Konrad Talon never imagined his future would include college, until the first day of his high school’s Hospitality class. Read more about Konrad’s academy experience here.
NAF Academy of Finance Graduate, 2002
Gaithersburg, MD
Natasha Ghatak spent the summer of her junior year interning for the accounting department of Comcast, learning directly from business professionals and polishing her finance and networking skills. Read more about Natasha’s academy experience here.


NAF Academy of Finance Graduate, 1998
Detroit, MI
13 years after graduating from the Academy of Finance, Chrysta Peoples is still in contact with her high school mentor and internship supervisor. Valuing the importance of this relationship, Chrysta spends her free time assisting her high school’s advisory board and mentoring current students. Read more about Chrysta’s academy experience here.    

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