At NAF, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. To deliver effectively on our mission, we draw on our core values in all that we do.


NAF’s greatest impact comes from working together as colleagues, teammates, and as a network. The relationships we build demand trust in each other and respect for one another’s perspectives, talents, and needs. Only with the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and resources can we achieve our common goal of future readiness for all students.


We foster an environment where staff seeks and shares knowledge and is committed to helping themselves, and each other, develop and grow. In addition to facilitating the continuous improvement of students and academies, NAF develops individual staff members and fosters organizational learning in both formal and informal ways. NAF is committed to contributing our experiences and insights externally as well to the education and business communities.


We act with honesty, authenticity, and transparency throughout the organization, within our teams and through our personal work. We do what we say, and are accountable for our actions, including our mistakes. We take personal responsibility for maintaining organizational integrity and are charged with speaking up to “stop the train” when something does not feel right.


We demonstrate respect through authentic and non-judgmental actions. We assume positive intent, appreciate that people bring different experiences to NAF, show genuine appreciation for each other, and take into consideration how our actions impact others. Diversity strengthens us individually and collectively.


Trust starts with our shared mission, and students, academies, donors, and partners trust NAF to deliver on our mission. We are thoughtful and deliberative about our commitments, accountable for our work, honest with our colleagues, depend on one another, and place a high value on nurturing our relationships, both internal and external.


We are constantly evolving. At NAF, we value ideas and systems that work to continually improve our internal and external practices. We are willing to take risks in order to move our work forward as we strive to make a difference in students’ lives.