Developed to address the growing role that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics now play in the nation’s economy, the Committee offers opportunities for top STEM leaders to exchange perspectives in order to better understand industry talent pipeline needs and attract a diverse population to their businesses.

The Committee is composed of top executives in leading STEM companies. It meets periodically to share major industry trends, inform NAF’s approach to STEM-enabling strategies in curriculum, work-based learning, advisory board development, college access, and professional development. Committee members also work to build employee engagement programs with a STEM focus and support NAF’s expansion and finances. The Committee has met directly with the NAF Board of Directors to coordinate program development and was instrumental in launching NAFTrack Certified Hiring, a promise made by a growing number of America’s top companies to give special consideration to applicants who, as high school graduates, earned NAFTrack Certification. The addition of devoted industry expertise to existing programs allows NAF to become the gold standard in STEM education.

  • Nicola Palmer

    Nicola Palmer

    Chief Product Development Officer, Verizon
  • Miriam Hernandez-Kakol

    Miriam Hernandez-Kakol

    Vice Chair
    Global Head, Management Consulting Practice, KPMG International
  • Alencia DeAnda-Gregg

    Alencia DeAnda-Gregg

    Assistant Vice President Human Resources, AT&T
  • Michael Golz

    Michael Golz

    Senior Vice President & CIO Americas, SAP
  • JD Hoye

    JD Hoye

    Former CEO, NAF
  • Vinay Iyengar

    Vinay Iyengar

    Investor, Two Sigma
  • Conrod Kelly

    Conrod Kelly

    Managing Direct MSD Chile, Merck
  • Dana Lorberg

    Dana Lorberg

    Retired Executive Vice President, Mastercard
  • Marilyn McDonald

    Marilyn McDonald

    Senior Vice President, B2B Customer Experiences, Mastercard
  • Brian Monahan

    Brian Monahan

    Global Client President; Head of US Ventures dentsu international
  • Milanka Muecke

    Milanka Muecke

    Director, Global Commercial Communications and Brand Strategy, Lenovo
  • Ana Pinczuk

    Ana Pinczuk

    Chief Development Officer, Anaplan
  • Juan F. Rodriguez

    Juan F. Rodriguez

    Strategic Advisor – Public Sector K12, World Wide Technology
  • Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas

    President and CEO, Lightspeed Systems

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