College, career, and future-ready with NAF virtual internships

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December 11, 2020

Together with NAF, Verizon hosts first-ever virtual internship program for students in high-need communities.

While many 2020 events have shifted to a virtual model, Verizon knows that its work with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) must still go on. NAF is a nonprofit organization and national network of education, business, and community leaders working together to transform the learning environment through STEM initiatives. 

For over 10 years, Verizon has partnered with NAF to ensure high school students are college, career, and future-ready. Together, Verizon and NAF have delivered work-based learning programs to students in high-need communities, preparing our workforce of the future for careers in growing industries, such as information technology.

This year, the V Team volunteered more than 700 hours to ensure that students from high-need communities could participate in our first-ever virtual internship program.

Shaping the workforce.

The future of STEM lies in the hands of today’s youth. Providing exposure to the workforce and education on growing industries, such as information technology, is key to shaping the future of tech. 

NAF provides high school students like Angelina M.  with firsthand experience in the corporate world. About her summer virtual internship, Angelina says, “The value of having a high school internship is that I get to dip my toes in the water, see how the future might look, and decide if this is a path I want to pursue.”

“Even though it was online, I was able to build friendships with teammates while learning the business.” – Angelina M. 2020 NAF Intern

The pandemic may have changed the way this year’s program looks, but it could not change the impact our role models and leaders had on the future of STEM.

Real-world problems.

Only so much can be taught in a classroom. For NAF virtual internship participants, the immersion into real-world business goes beyond what can be learned in a school setting. 

Verizon’s Chief Product Development Officer Nicki Palmer sees a great opportunity for NAF students. “Internships expose students to new technology and to the corporate world, guiding them to make better decisions about educational and career pursuits,” she said. “Whether it’s coding or using tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, they’re actually solving real-world business problems.”

Verizon is proud to partner with NAF in helping students become college, career, and future-ready. Learn more about Verizon’s Campus program.

If you’re interested in helping high school students prepare for college and careers, learn more about how you can get involved with NAF.

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