Queridos Estudiantes de NAF

NAF Alumni
October 15, 2019

Queridos estudiantes de NAF,

We were NAF students not too long ago. We are connected by our education, our heritage, the impact we will make on future generations—and we are here for you.

We’re excited to take this opportunity to share some of what we’ve learned since we were NAF students like you, in hopes that these lessons will help you in your own journey to be future ready. So here they are:

Be your authentic self—always. There may come times at school, in college, or at work when you may feel like you must change parts of who you are to fit in, to be successful. In these moments, remember to embrace who you truly are.

You are not a statistic. Don’t let anyone’s misconceptions tell you who you are, what you’re capable of, and who you want to be.

While your Hispanic heritage is an important part of who you are, there are so many beautiful little pieces that make you, you. Be proud and celebrate each and every one, no matter what box people might want to put you in.

Play up your strengths. Where you come from and the life you’ve lived have given you unique skills and perspective. So, brush up on your Spanish if you need to, wear your culture with pride, and bring everything you have to offer to the table.

Always open doors and empower others. You may find a lack of representation in whatever path you choose to take. Don’t be discouraged. Know that you can play an important role in changing the face of your industry for future generations. 

Speak up. The time is now to tell your story and to show America who you really are.

Remember where you came from. Our families, and even some of us ourselves have made an incredible journey in pursuit of a better life. Know that your roots will keep you grounded, and our American Dream will drive us forward.

We must continue to fight for our dreams, for more representation, and for our voices to be heard.

Creemos en ti,
Your Fellow NAF Alumni

This letter was written in collaboration with Hispanic NAF alumni from across the country. If you’d like to express your support and share additional lessons you’ve learned, click here.