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Businesses partner with NAF to build a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

The NAF Advantage

Is your business searching for qualified candidates? Are you looking for creative ways to attract top talent? Many of the employers that come to NAF are facing challenges in filling positions, and they want to be more proactive about building a long term, scalable solution that will strengthen their talent pipeline.

The fact of the matter is that connecting to entry level candidates through postsecondary partnerships excludes a vast pool of talent who may be ruling out entire industries before even entering college. That’s why NAF focuses on connecting businesses to potential future employees at the high school level.

How It Works

Many businesses also approach NAF for guidance on building their employee volunteerism programs or corporate social responsibility work. We’ll work with you to create an engagement plan that fits your unique needs.

Reach Out
Reach out to our team so we can identify your workforce needs and overall company objectives.
Collaborate with us to develop a custom plan based on the criteria that matter to you: industry, geography, time and resources available, and more.
Implement your plan in partnership with our national team and local academies to create a pipeline back to your company for future employees.
Have an Impacton your community
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