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School districts partner with NAF to improve student outcomes in a cost-effective and highly impactful way.

The NAF Advantage

The NAF network serves more than 110,000 students in 620 NAF academies across 34 states, plus DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. This vast national community includes thousands of teachers, administrators, and district leaders who are committed to student success. Our partners in the education sector benefit from access to our career-focused curricula, support from our national staff, in-person and virtual professional development opportunities, resources for cultivating business partnerships, and much more.

School districts interested in career and technical education pathways partner with NAF to access the support they need to take their vision to the next level. We believe every single high school in our country should be preparing students for their future careers. When you work with NAF, the possibilities for your school district—and your students—are endless.

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    How It Works

    With the support of thousands of education, business, and community leaders, NAF academies are able to grow and students are introduced to a new world of possibility. Now is your chance to make a difference.


    Tell your school district about NAF, and encourage leadership to apply to implement NAF academies in existing high schools.


    Participate in the Year of Planning, a structured development process to kickstart your academies!

    Get Support

    Receive ongoing support from the NAF national team, including opportunities for professional development, networking, corporate partnerships, grants, and more.

    Hear From Our Network

    School leaders, district leaders, students, and parents inspire us to work harder and smarter every single day. Browse their stories below to see the impact NAF can have on your district.

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    We’d love to learn how we can help you. Let us know what you’re reaching out about, and we will get you in touch with the right person.