NAFTrack Update


The original NAFTrack program design was school-centered
  • Certification requirements were tied to course completion and internship hours. After years of implementation, and with input from many district leaders, NAF is evolving NAFTrack Certification to be more student-centered, which will also reduce the workload impact on teachers.
  • The pandemic hastened the need to do this, as the obvious divide in access to opportunities was amplified and worsened. The previous approach to measuring NAFTrack Certification by the completion of a fixed set of school-centered activities did not sufficiently account for the multiple ways districts, academies, businesses and community partners work together to prepare students to be future ready.
  • Additionally, it is expected that the pandemic will also have long-term impacts on the future workplace. It is estimated that 25% of the employees forced to work remotely will continue to work from home, either on full-time or hybrid schedules. School districts are deliberating on what it means to return to full in person learning. We anticipate the expansion of parental choice through a variety of learning options will become the norm.

We will sunset the term myNAFTrack.

  • NAF has realized that building its own portal to connect students and alumni to employers is not the most effective way to provide opportunities to NAF graduates or to help corporate partners access talent.
  • Building strong connections with our alumni to keep them engaged, as well as making sure we have the right contact information to stay in touch, are the first steps in building the connection to employers.
  • NAF will begin doing this in a more comprehensive way by implementing a new Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), using it to capture all existing and future alumni contact information.
  • Updated data sharing agreements will be aligned with current student privacy laws
  • For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: While we are continuing to design the new NAFTrack, we encourage everyone to continue working toward NAFTrack Certification by passing four NAF semester courses and your high school internship (or equivalents). NAFTrack Certification shows that you’ve completed the full NAF experience and helps you stand out after you graduate.
  • For seniors: Introduce the benefits of the NAF alumni network ( to participate in the Career Insider) and remind them to change their email address in NAFTrack to their PERSONAL email address so they receive all of our alumni benefits after they graduate.
  • For alumni: If you have alumni who want to receive these benefits and doesn’t know how, tell them to contact us at
  • NAF is currently connecting alumni to partner opportunities through various engagement and development opportunities we share through the monthly alumni newsletter and NAF’s social media channels. We will notify academies when we begin sending out the Career Insider series again. In the meantime, alumni can sign up to receive our updates at

NAF is updating the definition of NAFTrack Certification, building in options and flexibility with a focus on specific skills and competencies.

  • Certification will evolve to focus on practical skills that are meaningful on the journey to work.
  • Instead of requiring completion of four courses and a paid 120-hour internship to achieve certification, we will shift to certifying that NAF students have attained the early skills needed for their desired careers and have begun building the social capital they need to realize their aspirations.
  • NAF will measure the impact of work-based learning activities on students and will ensure student mastery of the competencies they need to be future ready. New NAFTrack journey = help students show what they know and can do. Student built Z competencies that are relevant to their future profession.
  • The NAF academy experience provides students with opportunities to explore their interests and receive supports to be future ready. The future of NAFTrack Certification will be a combination of student aspirations, skillsets, and professional networks.


  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic: NAFTrack Certification = Completion of four courses + 120 internship hours + internship assessment + graduated high school
  • During COVID-19: Allowed internship alternatives + reduced to 80 internship hours
  • After COVID 19: Extended internship policy through August 2022

To export data from myNAFTrack, please follow these simple steps:

a. Login to and access the myNAFTrack badge

b. In myNAFTrack, go to “My Profile”

c. In “My Profile”, locate the “Actions” box on the right side of the screen

d. Select “Actions”, then “Print PDF”, then select “Print the entire page”

e. Select “Preview”, then “Print”, then you can choose to print a physical copy or save as a PDF to your computer

Additionally, each user will want to locate and download any files (resume, cover letter, etc.) that has been uploaded in “My Profile”

a. Scroll to the Documents section of the profile page

b. Right-click (or CTRL-click) the document you wish to download and click “Save As” or “Save Link As”

c. Choose the folder location on your computer to save the file.

NAF changed the EOC policy years ago to include a Teacher Final Grade Course Option in Managing Classes.  This change provides teachers choices in assessment of various student groups.

Students should continue to create accounts on, just like they have before. However, the myNAFTrack portion (which includes the student portfolio) is going away – in addition to all the reasons NAF described in prior communications, we found that this version of the myNAFTrack student portfolio doesn’t provide all the features we had hoped it would.

We encourage you to continue to have your students create resumes and portfolios. We are working towards developing a new platform that will allow students to better demonstrate who they are and what they’ve learned during their time in their NAF academy, and will share updates over the next year as that work progresses.

While the vision for NAFTrack to help meet the talent pipeline needs of employers remains a key focus, NAFTrack Certified Hiring did not leverage the various ways all NAF employer partners engage with NAF students and alumni over the course of their NAF journey.

  • We will sunset the branding NAFTrack Certified Hiring with employer partners
  • We are building a broader designation that accounts for the myriad ways partners engage with NAF – while continuing to offer opportunities to develop the future workforce
  • NAF will expand/strengthen its partner ecosystem and seek multiple ways for all partners to play a role in supporting our alumni
  • NAF will demonstrate the college and career readiness of NAF students through new evidence-based measurements and pilot new approaches to connect alumni with employers.

Yes! We have many upcoming ways to share feedback on NAF’s new direction. Stay tuned for more details coming through NAF’s Education Today and your Portfolio Manager.

To ensure students can still qualify for Certification during the pandemic, the internship alternatives will remain in effect to meet the internship requirement of NAFTrack Certification for students in the graduating classes of 2021,2022, and 2023 for experiences taking place through August 2022.

Please ask your Portfolio Manager or email us at — we’d be happy to help!