Our Approach
Bringing the classroom to the workplace and the workplace to the classroom.

For nearly 40 years, NAF has been solving some of the biggest challenges in education and our economy by transforming the American high school experience, igniting students’ passion for learning and giving employers the opportunity to shape America’s future workforce.


    The NAF educational design is made up of four essential elements of practice: academy development & structure, curriculum & instruction, advisory board, and work-based learning.


    NAF academies focus on growing industries and those that support the workforce needs and interests of local business communities.


    The current shortage of professionals with STEM degrees, combined with the growing diversity of our nation’s population, has provided incentive to US businesses seeking STEM talent to pay close attention to gender, racial, and ethnic diversity at every level.

  • OUR

    NAF academies are making a powerful impact on the lives of thousands of students across the country.

  • NAFTrack

    A number of America’s top companies made commitments to NAFTrack Certified Hiring, an opportunity to invest in their workforce by providing career development opportunities to NAF academy alumni.

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