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A plane over a mask is shown.
What to Consider When Resuming International Travel
With many countries now planning to re-open, look over the latest considerations when traveling.
World Health Organization
David Steward.
Meet David Steward
Mr. Steward is the co-founder and chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology. Learn more about his story here.
Experience, Event Marketing, Interacion, Planning, and Image words show with a person on their laptop.
Using the Event Budget
Read through this guide and learn how to ensure an event budget sets you up for success.
The Bizzabo Blog
Laverne Cox at an event.
Meet Laverne Cox
Read on Laverne Cox's life, herstory, and the importance of trans rights. Gender identity matters.
A hand is shown holding multiple masks with the word "Coronavirus" on it.
What Does Coronavirus do to the Body?
This article reviews the infection and the causes of respiratory problems.
The New York Times
A person is sanitizing a surface.
The Role of Technology
Involve your students in discussions surrounding cleaning and sanitizing during the age of COVID.
Hospitality Trends
A diagram of the digestive system.
Introduce Students to the Digestive System
Introduce the general structure and regions of the digestive system.
National Cancer Institute
A woman is video chatting.
Focusing on Relationships
Want to build classroom community in-person and online? Here's advice on strengthening relationships during this time.
Three women in cheerleader outfits.
Planning & Organizing Safe Sports Events
Planning, managing and organizing sports is no easy task, especially with COVID-19. Use this guide to Plan and Organize in 14 Steps.
Sign says, "Stop Asian Hate"
Teach Allyship in the Classroom
In light of the violent attacks on the AAPI Community, we encourage you to stop hate and tech allyship.
We Are Teachers
Close up of blue virus cells.
How Coronavirus Hijacks the Cells
This article covers how the virus enters a vulnerable cell to make viral proteins that spreads the infection.
The New York Times
Tall buildings.
Shifting Perspectives
Involve your students in discussing the top financial centers in the world.
Visual Capitalist
A female doctor at her desk.
Explore Careers in Healthcare
Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups especially due to COVID-19.
A woman stands in front of many other women holding a sign saying, "The Future is Female."
Exploring Feminism
Undoubtedly, women have historically been leaders and revolutionaries. Check out this lesson plan to learn more on women's rights.
Learning For Justice
A hard hat, pencil, and papers are laid out.
7 Steps to Incorporate Social Justice into the Engineering Design Process
Check out this article alongside the "Overcoming Challenges through the Lens of Social Media."
Graphic of people holding signs saying, "Stop Asian Hate," Proud to be Asian," and "I am not a Virus."
Challenge Biases
In light of the violent attacks on the AAPI Community, we encourage you to challenge biases towards this community.
A woman is on her latop, holding a credit card.
Establishing & Managing Credit
In this lesson, students learn to manage credit responsibly and how this translates into a credit score.
Ford - Credit Basics
The word censorship in a dictionary.
Why Big Tech’s Censorship is a Big Mistake
Involve your students in discussing the censorship of big companies such as Twitter, Facebook and more, on Parler.
A healthcare professional working on vials.
The Beginning of the ‘Biotech Century’
Students will read about how the COVID-19 pandemic could mark the beginning of the 'biotech century.'
Stat News
A Black Lives Matter sign is held up.
Learning Herstory
Three women created the Black Lives Matter movement; learn her story.
Black Lives Matter
Close up of credit cards and bills of money.
How Financial Markets Can Impact Social Justice
Check out this article that discusses how the financial market can negatively or positively impact social justice.
A basketball.
Meet Junior Bridgeman
The Second Act can be more lucrative than the first, just ask Mr. Junior Bridgeman, former NBA Player.
An overhead view of a person on their laptop with coffe and a credit score graph underneath.
Understanding Your Credit Score & Report
This lesson introduces the three major nationwide credit bureaus that use your credit history to develop a credit score.
Ford - Credit Basics
A man is on a headset in front of a desktop.
Level Up Your EdTech
Looking for some new skills to learn? Try out these 6 EdTech tools to level you up in the classroom.
Cult of Pedagogy
A banquet hall.
Explore Careers in Event Planning
Meeting, convention, and event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings.
Two women holding signs.
Teaching Racial Justice
Conversations about race is difficult. In this case, guides on how to have these tough conversations can help.
A woman presses a button with a lock icon on it.
Exercise Healthy Cybersecurity Safety Habits
Students can learn healthy habits involving cybersecurity safety from Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory!
A construction worker smiles.
The Importance of Communication Skills
Use this career-themed article about communication and leadership to pique student interest and classroom discussion.
The Ohio State University
Person on a laptop.
Meeting the 25 Richest Athletes
Have your students learn about 25 of the richest athletes in the world and encourage entrepreneurship.
Celebrity Net Worth
A woman smiles at her phone.
Improving Your Credit
This lesson explores ways to improve your credit history despite how it may be.
Ford - Credit Basics
A person is on their laptop looking at stocks.
Meet Black History in the Making
Lauren Simmons is the youngest ever, second African-American female trader. Check out this video and get to know her.
A person preparing a charcuterie board.
Explore Careers in Culinary
Learn about the different career paths in food preparation and serving.
A woman sits with her coffee.
Read “Black Women Writers at Work”
Undoubtedly, inspired people inspire people. Read the interviews of many inspiring Black women.
A doctor points up with one hand and holds his laptop in the other.
Explore How the Immune System Works
This resource outlines how the Immune System works to fight off pathogens and clear up dead cells.
Medical News Today
A woman is on the phone at a desk with her tablet and her papers in front of her.
Find & Develop Your Leadership Voice
Use this career-themed article about communication and leadership to pique student interest and classroom discussion.
New Horizons
A person looks at their laptop
Would You Rather?
Try this simple activity from Catlin Tucker before the year is done! 
Dr. Catlin Tucker
A pair of glasses on top of a document that reads "income statement"
Analyze an Income Statement
Use the activity to understand and analyze an income statement.
Stock graph
Investing in Black Stocks
Check out this list of Black stocks you can invest in right now.
Official Black Wall Street
A man opening up an envelope with his paycheck.
The Paycheck Breakdown: What You Earn Is Not What You Keep
Students learn the breakdown of their paycheck to explain why what you earn is not what you keep.
The Wharton School
Four people have a meeting together.
The Road to Self-Sufficiency
Read this guide to encourage the path of self-sufficiency and accessibility in the workforce.
Work Support
Students in scrubs and wearing masks investigate a document together.
Investigate an Outbreak
In this lesson, students learn about and go through the proper steps to take when there's an outbreak.
A stethoscope is in front of a PC monitor.
Communication Skills: A Guide For Healthcare Practitioners
Use this career-themed article about communication and leadership to pique student interest and classroom discussion.
An office layout.
Anti-Racism Work in the Classroom
This resource will help you as you expand your anti-racism work in the classroom.
Hands holding a superimposed icon of a brain.
How Does the Brain Work?
Explore the functions of the brain with this fact sheet.
Elizabeth A. Weaver II and Hillary H. Doyle
A person sits in front of their computer.
Tips for Breakout Room Success
Build deeper levels of connection with your students and create better online small group discussions with these 7 tips.
A business woman with a clipboard and a calculate works on her computer screen.
Is COVID-19 Taking a Toll on Women’s Careers?
Businesses have a legal & ethical responsibility with gender diversity. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had a toll.
Daniels Fund
Coffee sits next to a notepad with "goals" written.
Being Internship Prepared
Read these internship blog posts, to moreover feel internship ready.
A woman wearing a mask and apron talks on the phone.
8 Rules for Good Customer Service
Introduce students to the the kind of customer service that makes customers come back.
The Balance
A woman is holding a tablet in a swanky room.
How to Empowers Others in the Industry
Use this career-themed article about communication and leadership to pique student interest and classroom discussion.
An empty classroom.
Creating an Anti-Racist Classroom
This resource helps you build stronger content for creating an anti-racist classroom.
Stock photo of a brain.
Learn About Brain Geography
Introduce students to Brain Geography by using this interactive feature from the NOVA: Coma website.
An interviewer and Ursula Burns sit together.
Breaking Glass Ceilings
Meet the first African-American woman to serve as CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Hear her story of being a woman in STEM.
Wonder Woman Project
A young woman working on the computer.
Read About Women in the Workplace in 2020
Introduce students to this ethical dilemma and use the article to guide them through a discussion of this mini-case study.
McKinsey & Company
A woman sits at her laptop.
Being Online Internship Ready
Many internship programs are going remote. Moreover, look over this internship handbook to prepare for the virtual space.
A woman wearing a mask works on her laptop.
Learn About the Environmental Impacts of Tourism
Read about why the environment is so important to tourism and the positive and negative environmental impacts of tourism.
Tourism Teacher
A person is seated behind an Alexa on their laptop.
Why is the Employee Voice so Important?
Use this career-themed article about communication and leadership to pique student interest and classroom discussion.
A DNA strand is shown
Learn About Bacterial Transformation & Selection
Learn more about DNA cloning through Bacterial Transformation & Selection.
Khan Academy
A woman smiles at her phone.
Staying Updated on Career Trends
Have your students stay up-to-date with annual career interests and options. With this resource they can connect the trends.
U.S. Department of Labor
A doctor with a mask shows a urinary tract system.
Introduction to the Urinary System
Use this resource to highlight the characteristics and the gross anatomy of the urine transport and the kidney.
A woman with headphones smiles at her laptop.
Talking about Social-Emotional Well-Being
Last week SxSW EDU had a strong focus on social-emotional well-being. Check out this conversation with Miguel Cardona.
A man sits with his laptop.
Trends in Architecture & Engineering
Involve your students in discussing the 8 projections of trends for 2021.
Soap dispensers are shown next to a mask.
Health Care in the Context of COVID-19
Read how difficult health care is in the age of COVID & discuss with your students.
World Health Organization
A sign reading "podcast" sits above a microphone and headphones.
Explore User Experience in the EdTech Space
How do you develop education tech products? Learn more on user experience through this new podcast, "UX of EdTech."
Apple Podcasts
A doctor is breaking a cigarette in half.
Balancing the Rewards & Risks
Apply health science lessons about the brain to real-life & learn how adolescent brains process risks & rewards.
Drawn figures of heads.
Integrating Social-Emotional Learning
Use this resource to read up on five tips for integrating social-emotional learning in your classroom.
A close up of a phone propped up in a car showing Central Park in New York on Google Maps.
Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Tourism
Students create a tri-fold brochure to present one aspect of the environmental impact of tourism.
Tourism Teacher
Coronvirus specimen sit on top of a map of the United States with a stethoscope and glasses.
Plummeting Internationally
Involve your students in discussing data of international opinions on the image of the United States due to handling COVID-19.
Pew Research Center
A man wearing a mask looks at his computer screen closely.
Build Computer Networks
This course walks students through how interconnected computing devices are capable of sending or receiving data.
Khan Academy
A woman holding a mug uses her laptop.
The 8 Important Steps in the Accounting Cycle
This article breaks down the entire process of a bookkeeper’s responsibilities into eight basic steps.
Woman touching cell phone screen map mounted in car
Plan an Exciting Trip
Have your students planned a trip? This is a step-by-step guide for planning an epic trip using Google Maps.
Live like it's the Weekend Blog
A woman sitting on a bench, working on her laptop.
Advancing Engineering Literacy
The STEM Academy features STEM 101's high school curriculum with thousands of hours of curriculum & activities.
STEM 101
A woman using a laptop.
Improve Digital Literacy
Capital One Future Edge is a free digital literacy program that gives everyone access to the digital skills needed today.
Capital One