More Design Resources

A tiny house.
Design a Sustainable Tiny House
Students will combine research, inspirations, and brainstorm ideas to develop solutions for a sustainable tiny house.
Chicago Architecture Center
A hard hat, pencil, and papers are laid out.
7 Steps to Incorporate Social Justice into the Engineering Design Process
Check out this article alongside the "Overcoming Challenges through the Lens of Social Media."
A man in a suit points to an icon of a lit up light bulb.
Defend a Solution to a Real-World Problem
Have students defend their solution to a real-world problem as they work on the design of a projectile launcher.
CTE Online
Person on their laptop with coffee in hand.
Introducing Engineering Design Process (EDP)
Join the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote throughout this lesson on the Engineering Design Process by CTE Online.
CTE Online
Close up of man looking at computer with blueprint designs.
Introduction to Engineering & Design
Learn about the primary fields of engineering and explore the engineering design process.
Brown University
A person in a suit and tie, holding a brightly lit lightbulb.
Stepping into Innovation – Invention Education
Learn this new approach where students solve their problems and protect their ideas.
MIT Full STEAM Ahead
An overhead view of a person sitting at a desk with rolls of paper, a ruler, and laptop.
Engineering Design of a Car
Students can learn the principles of engineering design through designing, building, and learning to race.
CTE Online
Solar panels with the sun shining on them.
Learning Cost-Benefit Analysis
Use this activity to have students compete in teams to design the most efficient Solar Farm.
Teach Engineering
A person is holding their mouse while on the laptop.
Use the Engineering Design Process
Have your students design a soccer cleat dirt removal mat using the engineering design process.
CTE Online
A cityscape with views of tall buildings.
Which Team of Future Engineers Can Win the Windy City Tower Challenge?
Students learn about lateral forces, strong building design, and wind tunnel testing as they plan out and make a paper tower.
An engineer pointing in the distance with an iPad.
Manufacture a Model Steam Engine
This project takes students through steam engines and critical print reading skills, CAD/CAM practice, and more.
CTE Online
Man holding tablet while engineering machine works in the background.
Learn the Engineering Design Process
This comprehensive lesson teaches the 6 steps of the Engineering Design Process with the help of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.
CTE Online
Unpainted food truck located in empty lot
Design the Inside of a Food Truck
In this project by CTE Online, students will learn about menus, while designing and creating a mock food truck.
CTE Online