More Hybrid/Hi-Flex Resources

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Tips on Teaching in a Concurrent Classroom
Check out these tips for educators who are juggling students in-person and another via video conferencing.
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Level Up Your EdTech
Looking for some new skills to learn? Try out these 6 EdTech tools to level you up in the classroom.
Cult of Pedagogy
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Teaching Tips on Managing a Hybrid Schedule
Is your school dividing students into two cohorts with a hybrid schedule? Check out these tips for help on managing.
Dr. Catlin Tucker
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Discussing Women & Girls in Science
This customizable classroom lesson plan allows your students to discuss the inequities & celebrations of women & girls in science.
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Tips for Breakout Room Success
Build deeper levels of connection with your students and create better online small group discussions with these 7 tips.
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Focusing on Relationships
Want to build classroom community in-person and online? Here's advice on strengthening relationships during this time.
Haben Girma with Joe Biden and President Barack Obama.
Meet Haben Girma
Without a doubt, Haben Girma, a deafblind human rights lawyer, is an inpiration and listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.
Haben Girma
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Would You Rather?
Try this simple activity from Catlin Tucker before the year is done! 
Dr. Catlin Tucker
Jens Bromann with his wife.
Meet Jens Bromann
Meet Jens Bromann, a Danish man who is blind. He competed in the Paralympics in 1976 and started his own company.
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Entrepreneurship: Finding a Need
With Jens Bromann being blind, knew there was a need for more accessible bocci balls in the Paralympics. Hear his story here.
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How to Help with ‘Zoom Fatigue’
Check out these tips on leveraging the practice of “sketchnoting.” Use this strategy to beat the logging in blues.
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Why One Group of Black Students Prefers Online Learning
Read this article on how Black students discussed in a poll that they prefer online learning to in-person learning.
District Administration