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A man looks at his computerwith coding on it, holding paper in his right hand.
Implementation of Steganography
Use this activity to guide students in using Javascript knowledge to create secret messages in digital images.
Teach Engineering
A diverse group of people raise their fists happily in the air.
Globalization through International Marketing
Look into other cultures and learn about different countries while becoming better global citizens.
CTE Project
A man works on a laptop.
Compare Economic Systems
Students discuss how different societies answer the same fundamental economic questions by comparing economic systems.
Carolina K-12
A woman sits with her coffee.
Read “Black Women Writers at Work”
Undoubtedly, inspired people inspire people. Read the interviews of many inspiring Black women.
An overhead view of a person sitting at a desk with rolls of paper, a ruler, and laptop.
Engineering Design of a Car
Students can learn the principles of engineering design through designing, building, and learning to race.
CTE Online
A clock with a sticky note that reads, "Tax Time!"
Introduce Tax Basics to Students
In this lesson, students learn about personal finance and earning and reporting income.
The Wharton School
A pair of hands holding out a cellphone with a superimposed question mark in the center.
Decide Your City’s Energy Future
With this interactive assignment, students can explore different types of energy and how to power a city’s electric grid.
A graph is shown on a clipboard with a magnifying glass.
Big Data, What Are You Saying?
Students act as entrepreneurs and learn ways to research variables affecting the market of their proposed, hypothetical products.
Teach Engineering
X-rays show the inside of a body where the kidney are circled.
Introduction to the Endocrine System
Look into this overview of the hormones, regulation of body processes, regulation of hormone production, and more.
The Google logo with animals as the different letters.
Create Your Own Google Logo
Students bring the Google logo to life using code, utilizing programming and design.
Google For Education
A blue image with computer science terminology surround the word Java
Programming the Javengers
Have your students create Super Hero objects in Java with this project.
CTE Online
Laverne Cox at an event.
Meet Laverne Cox
Read on Laverne Cox's life, herstory, and the importance of trans rights. Gender identity matters.
A man types on a keyboard and works on a tablet.
Create Virtual Dogs to Learn Java
Students will create virtual dogs as java to model real dogs in an effort to help adopters learn about the various breeds. 
CTE Online
A laptop open to a site that reads "Advertising."
Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship
This exercise draws out the significance of trust by exposing students to a competitive advertising game.
Strata Academic Programs
A man in a suit points to an icon of a lit up light bulb.
Defend a Solution to a Real-World Problem
Have students defend their solution to a real-world problem as they work on the design of a projectile launcher.
CTE Online
A close-up of a synapse firing.
Computer Simulation of an Artificial Neural Network
Students learn to run simulations of a neural network to explore a model of machine learning.
Teach Engineering
A woman is holding hand sanitizer and applying it on her hands.
The Immune System Project
Engage students in creating a storybook, teaching children the importance of preventing the spread of disease.
CTE Online
A hand with long sleeves, holding a small globe with medicinal and health-related items in the background.
Protecting Patient’s Privacy
A lesson on global health that introduces HIPAA regarding ethics and human rights.
CTE Online
Little icons with locks are shown in a half circle.
Learning with NOVA Cybersecurity Labs
Students will learn to solve challenges presented in different NOVA Cybersecurity games.
PBS Learning Media
A person smiles at their laptop.
Teaching LGBTQ+ History
Create an environment of inclusion by using a lesson plan and further discussing LGBTQ+ history with your students.
LGBTQ History
A woman works on a computer.
Solve Real-World Problems with A.I.
In this project, students will learn how Artificial Intelligence is advancing and create their own form of A.I.
CTE Online
A doctor with goggles holds up a flask and looks at it.
Using Biotechnology to Detect & Treat Disease
Learn how biotechnology can identify & fight diseases, while examining ethical & privacy issues with genetic testing.
PBS LearningMedia
A gloved hand adds food to a bowl of vegetables.
Learn About Micro-organisms and Foodborne Illness
Introduce students to the four types of pathogens that can contaminate food and cause foodborne illness.
CTE Online
Solar panels with the sun shining on them.
Learning Cost-Benefit Analysis
Use this activity to have students compete in teams to design the most efficient Solar Farm.
Teach Engineering
A woman measures the heart rate of a young girl with a stethoscope.
The Absolute “Yes” & “No” in Caring for Patients
Use this resource that focuses on activities, scope of practice, and more that is required of medical assistants.
CTE Project
A woman with a headset on.
Introduction to Customer Service
A lesson on why customer service is vital to the Hospitality industry.
CTE Online
Apps are shown floating in front of a tablet.
Creating a Web App
Students can use Ubuntu Linux Operating System through Amazon Web Services to create a Web App in the Cloud.
CTE Online
People holding signs. The one in the middle read, "The Future is Female."
Being an Effective Leader
Check out this Women's History plan that talks about being an effective leader. Learn through the lens of Chief Mankiller.
National Women's History Museum
A 3-D object made of light points comes together to create a prism.
Learning Blockchain Essentials
Learn about Blockchain Essentials and earn a badge from IBM!
A nurse with gloves and a mask is sitting on a bench.
Learn About the Night Shift Nurse
With the resources, tips, and tools in this guide, students can learn different opportunities in nursing.
A woman working on a tablet with a stylus.
Design a Promotional Mix
Teach students about advertising, sales, public relations, and more by having them design a promotional mix.
Youth Entrepreneurs Academy
A baseball field.
Teach Economics Using Baseball
Engage students in learning about economics through baseball.
A woman holds a mug laying down and looking at her laptop.
Creating Menus for Special Diets
This activity challenges students with a set of dietary problems to solve, where which they are restaurant "simulated managers."
CTE Project
A man staring at a wall covered in papers.
Starting a Catering Business
An effective "virtual entrepreneurship" unit that instructs students on the importance of completing a business plan.
CTE Online
A person is holding their mouse while on the laptop.
Use the Engineering Design Process
Have your students design a soccer cleat dirt removal mat using the engineering design process.
CTE Online
A row of tables with chairs and laptops.
Introduce Entrepreneurship
Use this resource to check out free entrepreneurship resources or compete in a business plan competition.
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
A woman with headphones works on putting together a small hard drive.
Creating a STEM-Themed Amusement Park
Take this fun activity and have your students work in groups to create a STEM-themed amusement park!
CTE Online
A phone is in front of a plane flying over a city.
Learning About Technology in Hospitality & Tourism
Use this lesson to have your students identify technology equipment that are used in this industry.
Texas CTE
A woman smiling while on her lap top.
Buy a Car Virtually
Students explore different financing options and understanding opportunity cost, by buying a car virtually.
CTE Online
A person jotting something down on a document.
Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch
The Perfect Pitch introduces students to pitch their business idea in the best way to potential investors.
CTE Online
A person holds their mug and types on their computer.
The Cornerstone of Restaurant Operations
Use this resource and have your students outline solutions and improvements to services that impact the customer.
Texas CTE
A close up of a person holding a pen over spreadsheets.
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Master the technical skills needed to analyze financial statements and disclosure in financial analysis.
University of Pennsylvania
Three robots are shown sitting, weraring ties, next to a man on his laptop with a tie. He looks at the robots
Redefining the Work Debate
Are robots taking over our jobs? Have your students discuss this in small groups!
National Geographic
A close up of three toilet paper rolls.
Toilet Paper Wars
This fun activity explains the competing forces of supply and demand.
Adam Smith Works
A chef poses.
Becoming a Chef
In this lesson, students explore the details of everything it takes to be on the successful path for this career.
CTE Online
A woman in a lab coat looks into a microscope.
Learn about Biotechnology
This lab course introduces students to the scope of biotech research and product development across many fields.
A hand picking up a water bottle from the beach.
Engineer Digital Biodegraders for Biological Cleanup
In this hands-on activity, students prepare a proposal to help clean up an area near their school that is contaminated.
A young man studying.
Overcoming Challenges through the Lens of Social Justice
In this interdisciplinary project, encourage students to research a social justice challenge in their career theme.
American Federation of Teachers via sharemylesson
Person with arms crossed, wearing name tag and vest.
Introduction to the Hospitality & Tourism Industry
Discover the career opportunities and adventures available to those in the Hospitality/Tourism industry.
University System of Maryland
Photo of beams.
Build Bridges, Buildings and Beyond
In these activities, students learn about beams, critical load, and windy city towers.
Two people are shown with masks, discussing something.
Implementing the Jigsaw Classroom
Learn this innovative strategy for breaking up a classroom for group work.
Jigsaw Classroom
The word "Python" on a notepad.
Code Mathematical Models
Use this teacher's guide to have your students use their algebraic knowledge to code mathematical models using Python.
A nurse uses a tablet.
Explore Health Careers
Health Careers Exploration is a survey course designed to introduce students to a broad spectrum of health careers.
A magnifying glass over a document titled, "HIPAA Requirements."
Introduce HIPPA
Teach students the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule.
CTE Online
A woman clips wires.
Encouraging Equality in STEM
Check out this interdisciplinary, PBL lesson plan and activity to discuss why so few women & girls are in STEM.
A woman points at a computer with coding on the screen.
Build a Website
Support a cause that you care about by learning to build your own website!
Girls Who Code
A person looking at a page titled "Ethics" on their smartphone.
Explore Ethics
Students will be able to define what ethics is and explore some of the ethical dilemmas our society faces.
Close up of an interior view of the anatomical bones of the human skeleton's shoulder.
Learning the Musculoskeletal system
These lesson plans cover types of skeletal systems, bone development, joints and motion, and more.
Explore Blockchain
Have your students explore Blockchain technology including cryptograph and hashing by using this teacher's guide.
Two students and hotel staff stand behind the concierge desk.
Teach the Principles of Hospitality
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism provides an overview of the current hospitality and tourism industry.
A shopping cart full of groceries.
Introduce Food Product Development
Students will show their knowledge of basic concepts of food product development by creating an original prototype formula.
CTE Online
A woman stands in front of many other women holding a sign saying, "The Future is Female."
Exploring Feminism
Undoubtedly, women have historically been leaders and revolutionaries. Check out this lesson plan to learn more on women's rights.
Learning For Justice
A young woman stands behind the counter of a store.
Embark on a Virtual Entrepreneurship
On this two-part, virtual entrepreneurship project, students will learn how to operate a business plan.
CTE Online
A female doctor.
Read the State of the World’s Nursing Report – 2020
Use the WHO's 2020 report to engage students in a case study of the future of nursing based on the impact of COVID-19.
A man in a suit holds a small globe as he holds onto his headset.
Being a Travel Agent
Learn what a travel agent is and what they do, then plan a vacation within the US.
CTE Online
A woman working on her laptop.
Create Simulations
Look over this Hour of Code Teacher's Guide that introduces geometric concepts, as students additionally create simulations.
A person holding a credit card.
Learn About Credit Card Use
In this lesson students learn the joys and dangers of using credit.
A Black Lives Matter sign is held up.
Learning Herstory
Three women created the Black Lives Matter movement; learn her story.
Black Lives Matter
A person in a suit and tie, holding a brightly lit lightbulb.
Stepping into Innovation – Invention Education
Learn this new approach where students solve their problems and protect their ideas.
MIT Full STEAM Ahead
The words "Career" and "Family" on a balance.
Working in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Can Be Demanding.
In this lesson, students will analyze the demands of employment in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Texas CTE
A freeway sign reads "Texas Vacation" with a sunset behind it.
Planning a Texas Vacation
Travel plans are on the back burner, but students should flex their hospitality muscles! Plan a trip and more with this activity.
Texas CTE
A man pointing to text that reads, "Ethics."
Identify Ethical Issues in Business
Engage students in Business Ethics by identifying ethical issues and ways to solve the dilemmas people can face daily.
CTE Online
A woman typing on a computer.
Play Accounting Jeopardy
Students have fun demonstrating their understanding of accounting by playing Accounting Jeopardy!
The Wharton School
Two women holding signs.
Teaching Racial Justice
Conversations about race is difficult. In this case, guides on how to have these tough conversations can help.
Hands of different ages clasped together.
Learn About Generational Spending & Hospitality
Investigate the changing spending patterns between generations and how it relates to the hospitality industry and emerging trends.
CTE Online
A young woman using the computer.
Learn How to Control Appliances with Voice Commands
Students control appliances using the Speech Recognition technology, one of the many cool applications of A.I.
An engineer pointing in the distance with an iPad.
Manufacture a Model Steam Engine
This project takes students through steam engines and critical print reading skills, CAD/CAM practice, and more.
CTE Online
A business woman wearing a headset.
Learn About Entrepreneurship
Students will gain understanding of the critical role played by entrepreneurs in the national and global economy.
Someone watching a finance course on a laptop.
Teaching Finance Curriculum
Everything you need to teach a NAF Academy of Finance course is here: lesson plans & resources for students/teachers.
Man holding tablet while engineering machine works in the background.
Learn the Engineering Design Process
This comprehensive lesson teaches the 6 steps of the Engineering Design Process with the help of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.
CTE Online
A man works on his laptop.
Explore Business Economics
An introduction to the key concepts of economics with business and differentiates microeconomics from macroeconomics.
A man wearing a mask uses a laptop.
Learn About the Principles of Accounting
Introduce the accounting process and how it facilitates decision making by providing data to internal and external stakeholders.
A Camera is recording a girl with a phone in her left hand.
Promote Your CTSO
Use this CTE online curriculum and have your students create a marketing plan to draw in new members.
CTE Online
Unpainted food truck located in empty lot
Design the Inside of a Food Truck
In this project by CTE Online, students will learn about menus, while designing and creating a mock food truck.
CTE Online
Man with mask and business suit, typing on his laptop.
Understanding Professional Etiquette
Have your students learn more on professionalism here through understanding great customer service.
CTE Online
View of hands above a desk the left hand is holding a notebook open the right hand is writing on a notepad with a laptop open with a video conference lecture
Explore the Cardiovascular System
Introduce students to the cardiovascular system with these OpenStax lessons.
Harvard LabXchange
A man with gloves and a mask on in front of blackboard touching his mask and holding a notepad
Study How the Heart Works
Students will learn about the working heart, relating to electric impulses from the SA node, AV node, etc.
Share My Lessons
Woman sitting at a desk reading with books around her
Introduce Students to the Human Body
This pathway provides an in-depth look at anatomy & physiology, the organization of the human body, functions of human life, etc.
Harvard LabXchange
Woman facing away from the camera with Canva opened on her laptop alongside a mug on a coaster
Start Your Own Business
This project has an entrepreneur realize their dreams through ITC, Business and Finance, and English Language-Arts.
CTE Online
Woman sitting on the stairs with a mask on and working on her laptop
Learn How an Income Statement is Like Water in a Bathtub
Students will learn how an Income Statement is like water in a bathtub by analyzing the different bath water scenarios.
CTE Online
Three credit cards and hundred dollar bills spread across a table
Determine the Best Payment Option
In this activity, students will determine which payment type to use while learning the pros and cons of credit card use.
NextGen Personal Finance
Man face away from camera sitting at a desk
Gaining an Understanding of Computer Networks
This unit guides learners to define what networks are and where we find them in our modern world.
Teach Computing
A man wearing a mask and writing on a notebook.
Teaching Health Sciences Curriculum
Everything needed to teach a NAF Academy of Health Sciences course: lesson plans & resources for students/teachers.
A person writing in a notebook.
Teaching Engineering Curriculum
NAF endorses the Engineering curricula offered by Project Lead the Way, Paxton/Patterson, and STEM 101.
Person typing on keyboard with holographic blue lines and white icons float above the keyboard
Learn Advanced Computer Science
Learn advanced curriculum, in Python, provided by the Computer Science Academy by Carnegie Mellon University.
Carnegie Mellon
Close up of a person holding a tablet and pointing at it
Learn Intermediate Computer Science
Intermediate students can follow this self-paced, Python Computer Science course developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
Carnegie Mellon
A woman working from home using laptop.
Experience the Life of an Engineer
Paxton/Patterson offers an engineering curriculum focused on mirroring the experience of real-life engineers.
A man working on a laptop.
Moving Full STEAM Ahead
Full STEAM Ahead offers complete packages of activities for students in engineering, science, tech & math, created by MIT.
Full Steam Ahead
A laptop showing a screen of code.
Inspiring Engineering Educators
PLTW, Project Lead the Way, is a robust engineering curriculum used by many NAF academies across the country.
Project Lead the Way