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A man points to a clipboard with a piece of paper that reads, "JavaScript Syntax."
Draw and Animate with Code
This course gives students the opportunity to explore Javascript with drawing and animation.
Khan Academy
A woman types on her laptop with a book on Python next to her.
Learn Python
In this self-paced course, students are introduced to the programming language of Python.
A man works on code on his computer screen.
Learn About Linux
This course introduces students to Linux, the back-end operating system used by global titans such as Facebook, Google, and NASA.
Man with his laptop on his lap with a black screen and coffee in his hand.
Intro to Internetworking with TCP/IP
Use this self-paced introduction course from the German Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam.
Class Central
A person holding a book titled "Python."
Learn the Basics of Computational Thinking
In this MOOC, learn the basics of computational thinking using the popular programming language, Python.
University of California, Berkeley
Keys on a keyboard spelling out "CSS."
Learn CSS Basics From Microsoft and W3C Experts
Discover how to take your Web pages from bland to bold with the power of CSS styling.
Close up of the hardware of a computer.
Learning About Computer Networks
This course provides PC Hardware topics from Carnegie Mellon aligned with CompTIA A+ Hardware Exam 220-901.
Carnegie Mellon
A spreadsheet and bar graph with a calculator and pen on top.
Building Financial Accounting Foundations
Start your journey with financial accounting and statements, then code financial transactions.
University of Illinois
A laptop on a desk with a close up on hands.
Effective Business Communication
Learn to apply the basics of effective written and oral communication in a business scenario.
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
A woman working at her desk.
Business & Impact Planning for Social Enterprises
Are you a social entrepreneur? Learn how to articulate potential impact, theory of change, and more.
Solve by MIT
Close up of human body models.
Learning About Cardiovascular, Urinary, and Respiratory Systems
In this course, explore the interactive relationships of these systems, and the roles they play in your body.
University of Michigan
A close up of a person holding a pipette and petri dish.
Learning About Industrial Biotechnology
Learn about fossil fuels and how they provide the raw material for many everyday products.
University of Manchester
Close up of doctor.
Global Health: Ebola, COVID, and Beyond
Become part of the global health community and prepare yourself to join teams providing global health care.
Close up of Australia on a map with a red flag on it.
Learning About Tourism & Travel Management
In this course, you will experience challenges and solutions, reflective of global tourism.
University of Queensland (UQ), Australia
Close up of person picking things from the field.
Sustainable Food Security: Food Access
In this course, learn what it takes to provide access to a safe and nutritious food supply every day.
Wageningen University
A phone with likes and hearts coming out of it.
Learning Ethical Social Media
Learn about the shadow side associated with social media use.
University of Sydney
A woman in a cap is holding a box full of food.
Registering for ServSafe’s Training
Register and see the Reopening Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions that notes pandemic changes.
A woman sits at her computer.
Free Business Starting Course
Have your students take a step towards starting their own business and thinking like an entrepreneur.
Brian Hamilton Foundation
A man wearing a mask looks at his computer screen closely.
Build Computer Networks
This course walks students through how interconnected computing devices are capable of sending or receiving data.
Khan Academy
Man sitting at computer, hands on keyboard holographic image appearing above the keyboard
Introduce Students to Cybersecurity
In this self-paced course, explore cyber trends and more, gaining insight into challenges organizations face today.
CSS in bright pink on light blue background
Learn CSS from Basic to Advanced
This self-paced module introduces students to the language of CSS, including hundreds of CSS examples and an editor to practice in.
Adult working on computer with java script code in the background
Introduce Students to JavaScript
This self-paced module introduces students to JavaScript and contains some examples of what JavaScript can do.
Gaming console remote lit in neon blue.
Develop a Video Game with Core Gaming
A comprehensive module which takes students through the entire process of developing and launching a video game.
Core Academy
A woman faces away from her laptop and smiles.
A Helpful Support
Learning Keeps Going is a website with a list of resources including NASA e-clips & activities, STEAM resources, & more.
Learning Keeps Going
A young man wearing headphones and working on his laptop.
Invest in What’s Next: Life After High School
An online mini-course that helps students navigate their first major financial decision: what path to pursue after high school.
The Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond and San Francisco
Portrait of young asian man worker wear medical mask protection looking at camera smiling under surgical mask in office workspace in concept back to work, reopen business, prevent coronavirus virus.
Learning the Skills of Tomorrow
IBM SkillsBuild offers student-facing, asynchronous, free digital learning on the tech skills of tomorrow. 
IBM SkillsBuild
A woman types on her laptop.
Learning Online Academy
Free online Computer Science Academy courses for high school students -- including both a longer course and a "lite" option.
Carnegie Mellon