More Programming Resources

A pile of Legos.
What if Earth Was Made of Legos?
Check out this engaging, beginner Python activity to work out how many Legos would be needed to build Earth.
101 Computing
A blue image with computer science terminology surround the word Java
Programming the Javengers
Have your students create Super Hero objects in Java with this project.
CTE Online
A lens zooms in on coding on a screen.
Create Your Own Music
In this challenge, use Python code to create music and sound effects to be used in a retro arcade game.
101 Computing
A board of Minesweeper.
Creating Minesweeper in JavaScript
Reverse-engineer the code to improve Minesweeper further using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.
101 Computing
A 4x4 word grid is shown with the word coding highlighted in pink.
Boggle Challenge
Try out this advanced programming challenge based on a word game.
101 Computing
An Othello Board with pieces on top.
Designing Othello the Game
Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design Othello for two players.
101 Computing
A man types on a keyboard and works on a tablet.
Create Virtual Dogs to Learn Java
Students will create virtual dogs as java to model real dogs in an effort to help adopters learn about the various breeds. 
CTE Online
A young woman studies some wires.
Create an App that Solves a Real-World Problem!
Technovation Girls invites teams to compete in the annual global competition.
Technovation Girls
A man looks at his computerwith coding on it, holding paper in his right hand.
Implementation of Steganography
Use this activity to guide students in using Javascript knowledge to create secret messages in digital images.
Teach Engineering
The word "Python" on a notepad.
Code Mathematical Models
Use this teacher's guide to have your students use their algebraic knowledge to code mathematical models using Python.
A compass sits on a blue background.
Creating Four Corners in JavaScript
Recreate the famous children’s game, using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
101 Computing
A mix of different app icons.
Make and Test Mobile Apps
Use this activity to have your students create their own apps and then test them on any smartphone with the Expo App Developer!
A series of computer codes.
Level Up Javascript & Software Engineering Skills As You Play!
Welcome to DragonScript Arena – the programming strategy game and coding club.
DragonScript Arena
A woman working on her laptop.
Create Simulations
Look over this Hour of Code Teacher's Guide that introduces geometric concepts, as students additionally create simulations.
A man points to a clipboard with a piece of paper that reads, "JavaScript Syntax."
Draw and Animate with Code
This course gives students the opportunity to explore Javascript with drawing and animation.
Khan Academy
A woman types on her laptop with a book on Python next to her.
Learn Python
In this self-paced course, students are introduced to the programming language of Python.
The Google logo with animals as the different letters.
Create Your Own Google Logo
Students bring the Google logo to life using code, utilizing programming and design.
Google For Education
A person holding a book titled "Python."
Learn the Basics of Computational Thinking
In this MOOC, learn the basics of computational thinking using the popular programming language, Python.
University of California, Berkeley
A man points to a button with an icon of a cloud.
Introduce Students to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
In this MOOC, students learn about computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.
Adult working on computer with java script code in the background
Introduce Students to JavaScript
This self-paced module introduces students to JavaScript and contains some examples of what JavaScript can do.
Male student with a headset playing video game on computer monitor.
Program a Video Game using Scratch
Using a coding platform developed by MIT, novice students can rapidly learn programming concepts.
Person typing on keyboard with holographic blue lines and white icons float above the keyboard
Learn Advanced Computer Science
Learn advanced curriculum, in Python, provided by the Computer Science Academy by Carnegie Mellon University.
Carnegie Mellon
Close up of a person holding a tablet and pointing at it
Learn Intermediate Computer Science
Intermediate students can follow this self-paced, Python Computer Science course developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
Carnegie Mellon
A woman sitting at her desk working on her laptop. Two corkboards designed are behind her.
Learn Coding Basics with Scratch
Beginning programming students can quickly learn basics with this free coding software developed by MIT.
Online teaching. Young girl teacher conducts a lesson by video conference to her students
Coding at Home
Weekly Computer Science educational activities available for download free of charge through Girls Who Code.
Girls Who Code
A woman types on her laptop.
Learning Online Academy
Free online Computer Science Academy courses for high school students -- including both a longer course and a "lite" option.
Carnegie Mellon
A woman working on a laptop with lots of notebooks and a mug of coffee.
Full STEM Ahead
Boolean Girl has launched live, online events to help teach students to code, build, invent, and animate.
Boolean Girl
A young woman staring at a video conference on her computer screen.
Creating the Future Engineer
Amazon Future Engineer is a childhood-to-career program aimed at increasing access to computer science education.