More Project Resources

A woman sits at a desk working on her laptop.
Create a Webpage Full of Interactive Photos
In this challenge, students learn to use CSS to build a photo board.
Ryan's Tutorials
Photo of Gus Harris, the Executive Director of Moody's Analytics & NFTE National Board Member.
Design a Product to Combat Climate Change
Students sign-up to compete in NFTE’s World Series of Innovation to help solve global problems that matter.
A man points to a button with an icon of a cloud.
Introduce Students to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
In this MOOC, students learn about computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.
A hand holding cash.
Explore Consumer/Business Buyer Behavior
Encourage your students to get creative through this four-part project that focuses on Consumer/Business Buyer Behavior.
CTE Online
A medical professional in scrubs holding a stethoscope.
Learn About the Drug Development Process
Teach the steps it takes to create a pharmaceutical drug from the advancements of medication to the birth of a medication.
CTE Online
A man types on a keyboard and works on a tablet.
Create Virtual Dogs to Learn Java
Students will create virtual dogs as java to model real dogs in an effort to help adopters learn about the various breeds. 
CTE Online
A close up of many toilet rolls.
How Much Toilet Paper is Enough?
This fun calculator calculates how long the amount of toilet paper you have will last you during quarantine.
How Much Toilet Paper?
A man poses in front of different kinds of teas.
Design a New Drink
Experience the journey of real young entrepreneurs & research their characteristics in this project.
CTE Online
A person sits on the floor with their laptop on their lap and papers sitting around them.
Creating Engaging Content for Websites
Use this PBL Project to challenge students to turn their websites from flat to fab.
CTE Online
Photo of beams.
Build Bridges, Buildings and Beyond
In these activities, students learn about beams, critical load, and windy city towers.
A young woman studies some wires.
Create an App that Solves a Real-World Problem!
Technovation Girls invites teams to compete in the annual global competition.
Technovation Girls
A cityscape with views of tall buildings.
Which Team of Future Engineers Can Win the Windy City Tower Challenge?
Students learn about lateral forces, strong building design, and wind tunnel testing as they plan out and make a paper tower.
A tiny house.
Design a Sustainable Tiny House
Students will combine research, inspirations, and brainstorm ideas to develop solutions for a sustainable tiny house.
Chicago Architecture Center
Hands working on a smartphone.
Make Simple Apps with App Lab
Use App Lab to design apps, code in JavaScript, then share your app in seconds.
A young man studying.
Overcoming Challenges through the Lens of Social Justice
In this interdisciplinary project, encourage students to research a social justice challenge in their career theme.
American Federation of Teachers via sharemylesson
Male student with a headset playing video game on computer monitor.
Program a Video Game using Scratch
Using a coding platform developed by MIT, novice students can rapidly learn programming concepts.
A young man wearing a mask sitting at a desk by his laptop.
Develop an Application
Slow the Spread Project is designed to help students develop an app that helps people to slow the spread of COVID-19.
myPBL Works
A laptop showing a screen of code.
Inspiring Engineering Educators
PLTW, Project Lead the Way, is a robust engineering curriculum used by many NAF academies across the country.
Project Lead the Way
A woman sticks a sticky note on her laptop screen.
Teaching Sustainable Tourism
View this Sustainable Tourism Capstone Project example from the Milwaukee Public School system's NAF academy.
Milwaukee Public Schools' James Madison Academic Campus