More Simulations Resources

A man looking at two different test tubes.
Introduce Students to Micropipettes
This scrollable lesson introduces the parts of a micropipette and the proper use of this equipment in the lab.
A man looking at the camera. He is coding on the computer.
Learn to Program Virtual Robots
Download this free coding tool and start programming your own virtual robot!
Laptops laid out in a design on the point of different triangle patterns on the floor.
Try an Internet Simulator
Get hands-on experience with networked computers in this internet simulator.
A hand holding a petrfi dish with culture.
Transforming Bacteria Simulation
Engage students in a virtual lab by using this activity.
Build your $tax game logo.
Build Your $tax
In this arcade game, students have 20 years to build their wealth. Can be played in a group or individually.
Uber Game logo.
Can You Make it in the Gig Economy?
Students find out if they can make it in the gig economy as an Uber driver with two kids to support and a mortgage payment due.
The Financial Times
A hand on a computer mouse and 5 dice.
Learn About Business Through an Online Board Game
Have fun with Rento Fortune (similar to Monopoly), an online game where students compete in the fastest business game.
A spacecraft in space.
Spacecraft Docking Simulation
In this activity, students create an interactive simulation of a spacecraft docking at the ISS space station.
A satellite in space.
Experience SpaceX’s Interface
With this simulator, students can experience the actual interface used by the astronauts from SpaceX.