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Graphics of bacteria and viruses.
Introduce Students to the Immune System
This animated video depicts how the Immune System fights off bacteria and other living things that want to enter the body.
A man displays a micropipette while a woman watches.
Learn How to Use a Micropipette
In this video, teachers break down how to use a micropipette and why this piece of equipment is an essential tool in the lab.
A man looks down at his laptop.
Introduce the Accounting Cycle
This video gives students an introduction to each step of the Accounting Cycle.
Gleim Accounting
A man holding a coffee works on his laptop.
Practice Comparative Advantage
This video explains how to identify which country has an absolute advantage, calculate opportunity cost, and more.
Jacob Clifford
Close up of woman on her computer, laptop, and working on a calculator.
The Accounting Cycle
In this video, your student will learn to analyze business transactions, post to the general ledger and more.
A man is on his phone while staring at his laptop.
Making a General Ledger
Learn about the General Ledger and the importance of having this within any organization holding financial data.
Close up of hands holding an iPad above several graphs.
Explaining the Trial Balance
Learn about the important step taken to complete accounting within a business.
Close up of a vial of blood that reads Covid-19 and a check mark on the positive square.
Learning the Overview of Coronavirus
This COVID-19 video explains the virus’ origin, structure, method of transmission and symptoms.
Two hands are preparing to put soap onto one hand from a soap dispenser.
How Does Soap Inactivate Coronavirus?
This article informs students about how proper hand washing can control the spread of the virus.
Close up of anatomy of the human upper body.
Human Body 101
This National Geographic video introduces all the major systems in the Human Body.
A close up of a laptop with a spreadsheet on it and graphs.
Traveling with Excel Spreadsheet
Learn how this YouTuber uses Excel to organize all their travel plans from itineraries to hotels.
Explain Income Statements & Profit and Loss
In this tutorial, you'll find out what the Income Statement is and how it can measure a business' financial performance.
Accounting Stuff
A woman throwing her arms up in celebration.
Learn How to Write a Killer Startup Pitch Deck
This video covers writing a first investor pitch deck presentation.
Slidebean: Startups 101
A gavel on top of a book titled, "Medical Law."
Learn About Medical Law & Ethics
This video shares examples of strategies and activities to use for discussing legal and ethical issues in healthcare.
A cruise ship lit up at night.
What’s the Future of Cruising?
Since COVID-19 impacted the cruise line industry, expose students to the latest cruise ship news and the future of cruising.
Eat Sleep Cruise
A cruise ship docked at the beach.
How Safe are Cruise Ships from the Coronavirus?
Can cruise ships guarantee passenger safety during a global pandemic? Have students learn about cruise ship safety.
DW News
A group of young people wearing masks.
How do Masks Affect Body Language?
Communication expert, Mark Bowden discusses how masks affect body language.
Mark Bowden
A young woman wearing a white mask.
How to Read Faces Even When Everyone is Wearing a Mask
How can you read someone's facial expressions if they wear a mask? In this video, learn about microexpressions!
Vanessa Van Edwards
Hands typing on a laptop.
Learn Successful Video Marketing Strategies
In this video, marketing expert Adam strategist shares the single most effective marketing strategy available today.
Adam Erhart
A woman checking her phone while she works on a laptop.
How to Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy
Marketing expert, Paul Robinson explains how to create a marketing strategy for your business.
Positive Revolution
Actors performing a sketch on SNL.
Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford
Engage students in Saturday Night Live’s skit about a unique program to manage debt.
Saturday Night Live
A woman sticking a sticky note on her desk.
What Are the Four Types of Economics?
Use this video to introduce the four types of economies to your students.
Daniel Mares
A hand writing with a green highlighter.
Take Notes on the Digestive System
Reinforce students’ learning with this video that explains the functions of the digestive system.
Science with Susanna
A doctor presses one of the many icons in front of them.
Intro to the Urinary System Video
Watch this video to reinforce the primary concepts of the anatomy of the Urinary System.
A cigarette is shown with black smoke drawn coming out of it that becomes the shape of a brain.
Riskiness & the Teenage Brain
Did you know teenagers' brains may be prone to more risky behaviors? Check out this video to learn more.
A woman travelling is wearing a mask and a hat, while holding a camera.
Following the New Normal at Hotels
Watch this video that shows the new technology in hotels and in addition, the new normal due to COVID-19.
A rocket on a platform.
A Culture of Innovation
Take a closer look at the people and the place that makes NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory so unique.
A man works on different papers.
Why Accounting is the Language of Business
Why is it not enough to understand numbers to be a successful accountant? Use this resource as a prompt to groups and more.
University of Pennsylvania
A satellite out in space.
Hear From a NASA Engineer
Learn the answer to the following questions: why do we care about Mars, is life unique to Earth, and more!
A person is writing on a notepad.
Tips on Teaching in a Concurrent Classroom
Check out these tips for educators who are juggling students in-person and another via video conferencing.
Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
Meet Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
This Black female scientist is a light of hope. Hear Dr. Corbett's story of being at the forefront of COVID-19 vaccine development.
A speaker from our virtual guest speaker series.
Engaging with a Guest Speaker Series
Our newest series features Verizon employees discussing their careers and navigating identity-related issues.
An interviewer and Ursula Burns sit together.
Breaking Glass Ceilings
Meet the first African-American woman to serve as CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. Hear her story of being a woman in STEM.
Wonder Woman Project
David Steward.
Meet David Steward
Mr. Steward is the co-founder and chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology. Learn more about his story here.
A group of people.
Fueling Our Future with Service & Innovation
Hear from David Steward to understand entrepreneurship and governmental programs and resources.
A laptop.
Learn with the Top Tech Ed Tools
Learn how to build interactive experiences, create better videos, as well as explore creativity tools.
A person on a video job interview.
Acing a Video Interview
Use this course to help your students ace their next video job interview with instructor Jenny Foss.
LinkedIn Learning
A latte sits in front of a laptop with a notebook.
Youth Connections for Wellbeing
Check out this interview that discusses the findings between the relationship of teens' technology usage and mental health.
Wilma Mankiller.
Meet Chief Wilma Mankiller
Meet Chief Wilma Mankiller, the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Learn more about her fight for tribal rights.
Jens Bromann with his wife.
Meet Jens Bromann
Meet Jens Bromann, a Danish man who is blind. He competed in the Paralympics in 1976 and started his own company.
Handi Life Sport's logo.
Entrepreneurship: Finding a Need
With Jens Bromann being blind, knew there was a need for more accessible bocci balls in the Paralympics. Hear his story here.
A businessman wearing a mask using a laptop.
Learn About Diminishing Returns and the Production Function
This video explains the idea of fixed resources and the law of diminishing marginal returns.
Jacob Clifford
A man wearing a mask and looking at his tablet
Explore the History and Future of Medicine
In this video, students will learn about various discoveries and inventions in medicine through looking back and forward.
An overhead view of a man on his laptop accompanied by his dog resting his head on his shoulder and lying on the couch.
Learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest
In this case study, students will learn about how the discovery of a student athlete's heart murmur changed his plans.
PBS Learning Media
A woman sitting at a desk alone with other desks stacked behind her, wearing a mask and reading
Explore How the Human Body Works
Learn about human anatomy and the complex processes that help the body function.
National Geographic
On a laptop screen, a man in a suit is pointing.
Learning Personal Finances
No-Frills Money Skills Video Series covers a variety of personal finance topics & its importance in day-to-day life.
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis