More Web/Digital Design Resources

A woman sits at a desk working on her laptop.
Create a Webpage Full of Interactive Photos
In this challenge, students learn to use CSS to build a photo board.
Ryan's Tutorials
A woman points at a computer with coding on the screen.
Build a Website
Support a cause that you care about by learning to build your own website!
Girls Who Code
A woman in a wheelchair works on codes on her computer screen.
Code a Digital Memory Book
In a school year like no other, create a digital yearbook for your classmates that chronicles 2020!
Girls Who Code
A person sits on the floor with their laptop on their lap and papers sitting around them.
Creating Engaging Content for Websites
Use this PBL Project to challenge students to turn their websites from flat to fab.
CTE Online
A hand picking up a water bottle from the beach.
Engineer Digital Biodegraders for Biological Cleanup
In this hands-on activity, students prepare a proposal to help clean up an area near their school that is contaminated.
Apps are shown floating in front of a tablet.
Creating a Web App
Students can use Ubuntu Linux Operating System through Amazon Web Services to create a Web App in the Cloud.
CTE Online
A computer, tablet, and phone displaying the same website.
Create Engaging, Interactive HTML5-Based Designs and Motion Graphics
Create an interactive site advertising a new product or service using the Google Web Design App.
Keys on a keyboard spelling out "CSS."
Learn CSS Basics From Microsoft and W3C Experts
Discover how to take your Web pages from bland to bold with the power of CSS styling.
CSS in bright pink on light blue background
Learn CSS from Basic to Advanced
This self-paced module introduces students to the language of CSS, including hundreds of CSS examples and an editor to practice in.
HTML language up close and blurred towards the corners of the image
Learn How to Use HTML
In this hands-on tutorial from IBM SkillsBuild, budding web designers will learn how to create websites.
IBM SkillsBuild