Alex Torres

Manager, Network Support

I’ve always known that my career would involve helping those who would come after me. It’s just always been through different avenues. Initially, it was through sports as that will always be my first love. I went to the Business of Sports School (now a NAF academy) for high school before attending college at St. John’s University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sports Management. While in high school, I was part of the NFTE program and in college, I had the opportunity to intern for the organization, where I helped students launch their businesses. Once I graduated college, I had the opportunity to become a NYC NAF Future Ready Lab facilitator. It was a blessing to be in the Lab with 20-25 interns working on their business development skills and watching them grow. I then became the CTEISP Industry Partnership Coordinator which allowed me to help students obtain internships with amazing companies in the business and hospitality sector. That was the official stamp that verified to me that I will focus on helping our future leaders.


Coming from a school that is now a NAF academy, there’s a lot of pride that comes along with it. NAF has always blessed me with the opportunity to give back even before I officially came on board. It’s always a great feeling knowing that our students see me and have the feeling that they can make a difference too.