Alyssa Zehnpfennig

Manager, Development

In high school my vision for the future was vague. Encouraged by my English teacher, I ended up a Print Journalism major at the University of Southern California. This was valuable training, but I felt more creatively engaged by the film classes I took and went on to study screenwriting and producing in graduate school at New York University. While there I landed internships that grew my confidence and prepared me for my first jobs in the entertainment industry. I spent the next few years immersed in theater, publishing, film and television on both Coasts. My love of storytelling drove me, but ultimately I found myself searching for a greater sense of purpose. I’d always been passionate about volunteering in education and youth development and knew I wanted to transition to the nonprofit world. On discovering NAF I identified deeply with its mission, and I’m thrilled to be part of work that empowers so many.