Andrew Rothstein

Executive Vice President, Special Projects

The son of passionate civil rights parents, family did much to bring people together. Some helped. Some didn’t. One failure was particularly dear to my father and was a huge disappointment to him. So I committed to making a social difference that my father would appreciate. My mother’s passion for education pointed me to major in speech therapy at Northwestern University. While there, I got interested in studying learning disabilities and got a Master’s at UNC-CH. On to teaching (international schools), a doctorate (NYU), administration (special school for students with physical disabilities), writing books, and consulting. Wanting more impact, I heard about NAF and its need for a new curriculum. Loved the mission, got lucky, and got in. The curriculum was the start, but I envisioned a student certification system that would demonstrate what we want NAF graduates to be and mirror our design. You know the rest, so far.