Bob Saludo

Web Developer

Born in the Philippines, my family moved to America when I was a baby. I was raised in the beautifully diverse city of Jersey City, NJ, right across from New York City. My high school experience was not an easy one as the school district was not exactly known for its academic strengths, but I was surrounded by people who saw how education and opportunities greatly improved their lives no matter their socioeconomic standing. With this positive influence on me, I was driven to work hard. I liked to create things and found that computers were an easy and affordable way to do so. I attended NYU for college where I obtained an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. During college, I secured an internship with an educational company that helped kids read nonfiction literature. Briefly, I worked as a Software Developer at Zappos in Las Vegas after graduating a semester early, before coming back to New York to work at NAF and continue supporting the education community.