Brendon Henson

Communications Coordinator

Coming from a single-parent household, my siblings and I were not afforded some of the same opportunities I saw in my more affluent classmates. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to give back to students from similar backgrounds to mine. My passion for being a mission-based communicator began junior year of college, while attending the University of South Florida where I received a degree in Public Relations. While attending classes, I became involved with local grassroots nonprofit organizations donating my time to help expand their social media presence. That is where I got a taste of the real impact an effective communications strategy can have on under-invested communities. After seeing the positive impact of my contributions, I decided that I wanted to expand my efforts and reach national audiences. I began interning at College to Congress, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more inclusive and effective Congress by providing Pell Grant-eligible students with fully-funded congressional internships. I am living proof that internships change lives; upon graduation, I was hired by the organization to work on their communications team. This experience provided life-changing opportunities to students, including myself, ultimately leading me to NAF. I instantly connected with our mission and am excited to support NAF’s talented students.