Cassandra Yung

Manager, Academy Development

I spent many summer afternoons playing school with my friends, teaching anyone who would endure being lectured to during their highly-anticipated break. This early start grew into a passion for learning and education, leading me to study secondary education with focuses in English and science at Oklahoma Baptist University. After graduation, I taught a variety of high school courses in an urban school setting in Oklahoma City, where many of my students had unique learning needs. Studying two drastically different subjects during college instilled an appreciation for integrated learning in my teaching style and pushed me to consider non-traditional types of instruction to meet the diverse needs of my students. I was introduced to NAF in 2014 when asked to be the director of our school’s Academy of Health Sciences, where I quickly came to enjoy the more focused opportunity to help students with post-secondary preparation. As we dove into cross-curricular instruction, internships, and countless work-based learning experiences, I knew students were truly engaged and making progress toward their future goals. I am excited to be a part of the NAF team, supporting academies as they develop programs focused on ensuring each student is college, career, and future ready.