Cassandra Soler

Executive Assistant

During my senior year in high school, I thought I wanted a career in the federal government. After graduation, I began my journey working full-time as an office secretary for U.S. Customs Service. During that time, I attended University of the District of Columbia part-time, taking coursework and switching majors not sure if I wanted to pursue Personnel Management as a profession. Dissatisfied with government life, I wanted to make a career change. So, I quit my government job and during my soul-searching, I worked as record store clerk. During those 3 months, a unique opportunity opened for me there as an Administrative Assistant to General Manager and Record Store Manager. For 3 years, this experience gave me better appreciation for record retail operations while still enjoying the office administration side for one of the most successful brick and mortar stores during its time, Tower Records. After 3 years’ there, I left the retail business to work in the administrative offices for a student hosteling organization in DC. Eventually I decided to move to NYC in 2001, so I packed my bags and continued my journey in the office administration field. My experiences lead me to various great opportunities in the for-profit and non-profit world in the arts, investment consulting, children’s social services before joining NAF, a great organization enhancing college and career readiness of future leaders and entrepreneurs.