Ellen Huggins

Development Associate

I began my college career hoping to one day manage a political campaign staff for a national election. My courses in the Political Science program at the University of Cincinnati got me started almost immediately by requiring volunteer hours with any campaign I aligned with. After interning in a city council office and for a U.S. Senate candidate, I realized I didn’t see myself working in the political sphere long-term. I sought out mentors in varying career fields panicking to figure out what I wanted to do after I graduated. Thanks to these connections, I was able to channel my passions for writing, organizing, and advocating for my community through non-profit work. I spent my early post-grad years with the Cincinnati-area Freestore Foodbank working to create meaningful connections with donors and decision-makers to fuel their mission further. Without these mentors, I would have never opened my eyes to other career trajectories, including the one I am on now. I’m grateful for the experiences I had and am excited to be a part of the NAF team to ensure young people have the same opportunities.