Grady Lane

Managing Director, Network Engagement

Being the first to graduate from college in my family, education was not a typical topic around the dinner table. Discovering what you liked to do and determining what you were good at was. I was good at ‘school’ so my high school counselor advised me to go to college. I attended Abilene Christian University in Texas, and majored in Political Science, where I had the vague idea to become an attorney. While attending law school in California, I realized the classroom observations and teacher job shadows that I participated in, while taking a few undergraduate elective education courses, were all pointing me to what I enjoyed and was good at – teaching. After 15 years of classroom experience, I decided to pursue the pathway of becoming an administrator. I wanted to support students in finding their career goals, based on their passions and interests. I completed my Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at California State University, Fresno with the support of mentors and colleagues. I was introduced to NAF as a partner, in supporting college and career pathway development, during my times as a District Administrator for Fresno Unified School District. Today, I am excited to be a part of the NAF team that supports districts, corporate, and civic partners in providing students with the opportunities to find out what they like to do and what they are good at!