Hannah Yoon

Development Coordinator

For a long time, I was unsure of what career I wanted to pursue. Some days, I wanted to be a teacher. Other days, I wanted to be a designer. And later, I wanted to become a TV news reporter. I attended Fordham University and majored in Communications thinking that I would pursue a career in broadcast journalism, but I became interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations as it seemed like a better fit for my personality and skills and it enabled me to explore other industries such as fashion and beauty. During college, I interned at various public relations firms that gave me exposure and experience in the field. I enjoyed learning on the job but after graduating from college I wanted to use these skills for a greater purpose. Through friends, I met individuals that worked at nonprofit organizations and showed me that there were areas in which the same skills used in Public Relations could be used in the nonprofit world. They encouraged me to consider development, capacity-building, and fundraising. While considering job opportunities in this direction, I reconnected with MinKwon Center for Community Action, an organization at where I was a volunteer during high school. I was admitted into a fellowship there and learned the fundamentals of fundraising and event planning for causes I care about, and I knew this was the right direction for me. After my fellowship, I joined the MinKwon staff and for several years continued to support the development and administration team. Now at NAF, I am thrilled to be supporting a mission that builds futures and transforms lives.