Ira Berkowitz

Chief Financial Officer

Growing up in Brooklyn, my career aspirations ranged from baseball player to doctor to lawyer. My dad was an Accountant and while in high school, I took a few accounting courses which came naturally to me. When it came time to choose a major at Brooklyn College, “lottery winner” was not an option, so I went with accounting. I started my career in public accounting in a medium size firm and then moved on to a “Big 8” firm. I tried my hand on Wall Street as a bank auditor and then in investment banking. After two years of all too frequently watching the sun come up from my office window, I finally found the non-profit world as a way to utilize my skills to make a difference in peoples’ lives while maintaining the work-life balance. After 9 years as CFO for cultural institution in Chelsea, I joined NAF in 2009 and it was the best career move I have ever made.