Irene Lynn

Chief of Staff, Internal Affairs

I have been fortunate to have a rich and rewarding career.  My post-secondary education was at High Point University where I acquired some skills that have served me well.  That is, I learned to think, analyze, write and develop a capacity to continue to learn.  I worked in a number of different Department of Labor programs until I found my real passion, which is for youth — particularly those most vulnerable.  Every job was a learning experience.  After leaving DOL, I was able to continue to work on youth issues in the non-profit sector focusing on workforce preparedness. At NAF, I have been able to continue much of the work that I valued during my Department of Labor career, which was the School to Work Initiative, jointly administered by the Departments of Education and Labor.  I certainly never would have expected when I got out of college that I would follow this career path, but I am glad I did.