JD Hoye

Chief Executive Officer

I was ‘horse crazy’ in my youth and deemed ‘college material’ by my high school counselor, so it was no surprise that I went to college with the intention of becoming a large animal vet.  Within my first year at Oregon State University, I switched species and majored in and graduated with a degree in Sociology.  I did an internship my senior year working as a counselor for young people who had dropped out of high school. Seeing the impact of the workplace in reigniting career ambitions, which drives education with a purpose, has guided my career ever since.  I have led college and career preparation initiatives at local, regional, state, federal and now national levels—always driven by the incredible impact public-private partnerships can have on young people and their futures.  I joined NAF in 2007 and remain impressed and amazed at the power of our network and the tremendous difference our network leaders make in the lives of students every day.