Jerry Passione

Senior Director, Corporate Engagement & Relations

As a teenager, I was captivated by computers and focused my ambitions on a career in programming. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from St. John’s University in Queens NY, I embarked on what was to be an exciting career, that would always keep me learning, in the -dynamic telecommunications/data networking field with Bell Labs/AT&T, and then subsequently with Juniper Networks. The corporate world opened my eyes to the many roles beyond programming and offered generous opportunities to contribute and to grow both individually and in general business operations. I had a multitude of opportunities to learn about new technologies and business practices/processes. I was privileged to be able to travel around the globe and learn about new cultures and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers in various assignments with alliance development and management, solutions marketing, and technical sales development/support. My most exciting – and rewarding – career assignment came with founding and leading Juniper’s innovation center, OpenLab. The innovation center’s mission was not only centered on incubating new networking solutions and delivering skills transformation programs, but also on being engaged with the local community. It is through OpenLab that I was introduced to NAF and assumed a champion role for the organization within Juniper and took on a variety of initiatives, including leading a broad array of mentoring engagements for NAF students in the NYC area over 6+ years. Those wonderful win-win interactions with the students were exceptionally rewarding to me in providing for the opportunity to give back. It is those student interactions that fueled my desire to join the NAF Team.