Jessica D. Williams

Assistant Director, Academy Development

I had no idea what I wanted to be growing up. You could say I was designed to be a teacher. When I was younger, I loved finding out about things and sharing what I learned with others. As I got older, I knew I was destined to “save the world”. How I was going to do that didn’t become evident until I gained career experience. After being a parks/recreation camp counselor, a dance teacher, a fast food employee, a felony/misdemeanor Trial Clerk, a high school math teacher, and an administrator for career and technical education (CTE), I knew I was called to serve the public. From these career experiences, and from the scholastic earnings of a BS in Business Administration (University of South Florida) and an MS in Management (University of Central Florida), I was able to both apply and challenge the experiential and imparted knowledge. From the schools of academia and life, I learned that I like helping people help themselves. I enjoyed sharing what I knew and facilitating others in accessing the resources they needed to be successful.


While I still don’t know what I want to be, I know I’m supposed to be an example. I’m blessed to be able to learn something new about myself and share my expertise with others along this journey. NAF enables me the opportunity to teach, grow, learn, and build relationships. NAF enables me to exercise my own version of saving the world. I look forward to working with anyone who can help me do it.