Jillian Wertheim

Manager, Development

For me, being Future Ready means finding new ways to apply my strengths to an ever-changing world—a philosophy I’ve subconsciously been living out since college. My majors in rhetoric and art history from U.C. Berkeley didn’t spell out an obvious career trajectory, but I was passionate about the subject matter and found value in the analytical and research skills I developed along the way. Thinking I’d pursue a curatorial path, I went after jobs in museums—first, on a collection move project at Berkeley’s Hearst Museum, and then, as a development assistant at the Ashmolean Museum while I completed my master’s degree at Oxford. Both roles solidified my enthusiasm for mission-driven organizations and helped broaden my professional ambitions.

By that point, I knew the nonprofit sector was where I wanted to build my career and that working in development struck harmony between the creative and methodical sides of my brain. I moved to New York and continued this work at the Guggenheim, leading cross-departmental efforts to produce the museum’s signature fundraising events. Then in 2020, drawn to NAF’s vision for young people and eager to impact meaningful change, I joined the Institutional Advancement team.