Kearney Staniford

Chief of Staff, External Affairs

I was an English major in college and was fairly certain that I wanted to be a journalist or a teacher. While attending Trinity College in Hartford, I had an internship with The Hartford Courant. It was everything a good work-based learning experience should be: paid, challenging, and fun. After graduating, I got a job with CBS News – the only problem was that it was in sales! I realized quickly that the television world was not for me and reverted back to the idea of teaching. The school where I hoped to work only had an opening for a Capital Campaign associate. I had no idea what that was, but it turned out to be the first step on my road to having a career I was passionate about. ┬áNearly 20 years later, I am fortunate to have built a career developing resources and strategies for leading non-profits, including NAF, whose students are among the most remarkable young people that I have ever met.