Kellen McCoy

Alumni Relations Specialist

Graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in philosophy in 2013, I found myself pulled in disparate directions, unsure of which path to follow. I had studied vocal performance through the University since I was ten, and a part of me was sure that music was my calling. However, from a young age, I have also been passionate about changing the world around me. The University of Michigan afforded me opportunities to work with various non-profits, including Greenpeace, Will Work For Food and the SafeHouse Center Domestic Violence Project, so another part of me was convinced public service and non-governmental work was my path. I first followed what I considered a traditional direction, using my writing and public speaking skills to begin a career in communications and public relations. I sharpened my skills at Sard Verbinnen and Company, a public relations firm, and later ClassPass, a San Francisco based startup. After realizing that I could no longer neglect the piece of me that wanted to pursue music, I quit my job to work as a musician full time. After that life-changing experience, I am thrilled to now be working at NAF, pursuing my passion of building up communities and giving low-resource students the tools they need to choose their own path as I did.  I also continue to pursue my passion for music – but on the weekends this time!