Kirsten Kirby

Director, Work-Based Learning

Professionally and personally, goal setting is important but it is also beneficial to be open to unexpected opportunities that arise. If something piques your curiosity, follow it. You never know where it might lead and the profound impact it may have on your life. As a student at Smith College, taking an introductory literature course led me to discover an interest in Beowulf and other poetry from that time period. I went on to major in English and studied Old English and Old Norse. This prompted me to consider getting a Ph.D. and becoming a professor. Other possible career paths emerged as I continued to explore different interests. Each summer, I completed marketing internships including an impactful opportunity at Spalding Sports, and began to consider positions in Sports Marketing. Multiple leadership roles on campus opened my eyes to the possibility of a career supporting and empowering students. I ultimately chose this career path and earned an MSEd in Higher Education Management at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Since then, my career has taken me on an interesting journey, from helping students explore many different career paths to advising students seeking to enter the healthcare field to working with physician leaders to writing a book, Your White Coat is Waiting: Vital Advice for Pre-Meds. I deeply believe that everyone deserves the chance to find and have a career that is meaningful to them and where they can make a difference while also continuing to learn and grow.