Melanie Newell

Director, Partnership Activation

I was raised in England by American parents who were academics and educators. They modeled to me the importance of travel, education, and building friendships across the globe. My early career musings were simple — I wanted to help others and I wanted to travel. For my undergraduate studies, I attended Seattle Pacific University and majored in Theology and Sociology. During this time, I spent two summers working at an ecumenical monastery in France (TaizeĢ) where my roommates hailed from India, Uganda, Rwanda, Brazil, and the Philippines. My life was forever changed by their stories of poverty, loss, inequality, as well as hope. Through meeting people who had lived a different reality than mine, my classroom learning was translated into real life. After graduation, I moved to Belize, Central America and taught night school at an adult literacy program leading me to later pursue an MA in Development Studies in The Hague, Netherlands. My career thus far has included university study abroad programming, academic success coaching, community advocacy, and a detour at a tech startup to learn project and portfolio management. Now I am merging my experience with my desire to create opportunities and positive change for underserved students through facilitating high school internships with NAF.