Patricia Brown

Vice President, Corporate Engagement & Relations

I once heard someone say “if you allow yourself to get close to the urgency, the urgency will change you”.  My personal background has placed me in the center of that urgency all my life.  The youngest of nine siblings, yet the first to attend college, I saw a great deal of untapped potential in my personal environment.  I was fortunate enough to have teachers who saw my potential and provided opportunities that lead me to obtain a degree in Chemical Engineering UT, Knoxville.  My early career was with Procter & Gamble, where I worked for almost a decade.  I left to found a non-profit for youth in a high-needs community in Cincinnati.  My contributions opened doors at KnowledgeWorks where I engaged communities in the small schools movement; at Strive, where I helped to develop the cradle to career collect impact framework, and now at NAF, where I have the privilege of providing opportunities to youth to help them realize their potential.