Ron Wilson

Senior Director, Finance

After spending my senior year in high school serving as the Business Manager for our high school yearbook, I knew that I wanted to work in accounting. I graduated with a BBA in Accounting from Adelphi University. I started my career in public accounting, working for the largest and most prestigious public accounting firm of the “Big Eight.” After leaving the long hours of public accounting, I worked for several Fortune 50 financial services companies before heading to St. John’s School of Risk Management and Insurance (formerly known as The College of Insurance) to earn my MBA. It was during this time that I was introduced to the non-profit industry and began to apply the accounting skills developed in Corporate America to non-profit organizations. I established my own private accounting practice servicing non-profit organizations and other small businesses.

Once again, public accounting got the best of me so I re-entered the job marketplace landing a position as one of the lead internal auditors for the $2 billion granted to New York for the World Trade Center Disaster Recovery. I have held several roles since re-entering the work force, each providing accounting, auditing, and financial management services to nonprofit organizations within the tri-state area. Prior to joining NAF, I was most recently the Controller of GMHC Inc. and Assistant Vice President of Budgets & Grants for The Fortune Society.