Sandra Greer-Sanders

Vice President, DEI and Talent Development

Growing up I was going to find the cure for sickle cell anemia when I found out about the devastating effects it had on my community. I graduated from Tufts University, not pre-med, but with an undergraduate degree in community mental health. However, life does come full circle. Although I did not find the cure for sickle cell anemia, later in life I did have the honor of serving on the board of a regional sickle cell association. After graduating from college, I spent a couple of years as a social worker at a Head Start program and went on to receive my Master of Public Health from Yale University. I spent the next several years in managed behavioral health and medical surgical, and Medicaid managed care before I had an “aha” moment that led me to my career in human resources. I started as a training manager and took advantage of the opportunity to grow and develop in my career. I soon became a HR business partner and diversity and inclusion leader. I wore three hats and loved each one of them. My goal was, and still is, to keep the “human” in human resources to ensure all have the opportunity to develop and grow throughout their career journey.