Trudy Stallings

Senior Director, Development

I thought I would be a writer, and I am, just not the kind of writer I imagined. After spending my high school and college years focused on athletics and school, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in need of some work experience, which I gained through volunteerism. I interned in the public relations office at the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Writers Network, and the University of North Carolina Press before coming to New York to pursue a Master’s Degree and work in publishing. Having landed in trade sales instead of editorial, I continued to volunteer to gain experience and pursue work closer to my interests, which led me to grant writing. I liked grant writing, and I liked working in the non-profit, all-hands-on-deck environment. Fast-forward 18 years, and I’m thriving in the very fast-paced institutional advancement department at NAF supporting a cause that I believe in and that gives me to hope for the career prospects of the next generation.