Walter Ferrara

Assistant Director, Budgets & Grants

As I went through high school, I always had a strong interest in accounting and information systems. I was not sure what direction I wanted to go in, so in my senior year, I worked for a tax preparer. That’s when I knew that I would concentrate on systems as it related to business.

I graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems with a minor in accounting from New York Institute of Technology and started my career in advertising working as a Staff Accountant. I had the opportunity to work with the technology team enhancing the cost accounting system. I had a long stay and was very fortunate to be mentored by my CFO and moved through the ranks to become VP of Finance for both general and digital agency. In 2009, I took a position at an ad-tech company as EVP of Finance. My first project was to take them off Quickbooks and implement a full-scale ERP system (Netsuite). It’s a project to this day I am proud of, as we created workflows and automation that increased communications and efficiencies across departments. In 2014, I made a move away from advertising and served as CFO for a commercial ink manufacturer and distribution company. Most recently, I was the VP of Finance for a structural company in its infancy, where I was responsible for accounting, budgets and capital raises. One of my career goals was to apply my experience across multiple sectors — non-profit being one of them. I came to NAF as a consultant and liked the challenges it presented, especially as it related to systems, and I look forward to working with the accounting team on providing solutions.