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As we approach the end of the school year, please take note of these important items to ensure as many of your students are on track for NAFTrack Certification and NAFTrack Certified Hiring!

I. Certification Notification Logistics – Academy Directors, Site Coordinators

Academy Directors and Site Coordinators (academy leads) of academies with certified students and NAFTrack Certified students will be notified via email in early July once all districts have completed their spring semesters with the list of students who currently meet certification requirements. 

Certified alumni will receive an email with a link to their unique digital certificate along with instructions for how and when they will be able to access myNAFTrack.

A second round of notifications will occur in early October 2017 for those alumni who completed a NAFTrack Certification-qualifying internship the summer of their senior year that is mediated by their academy.

II. Graduation Verification – Principals and Designees

Principals or their designees must mark students as graduated in the system as the final step towards certification.

  • Where to Find: NAFTrack Certification > Action Items
  • How To: See pg. 110 in the updated NAFTrack Certification Manual
  • How to Assign a Principal’s Designee: Have your principal contact your NAF portfolio manager with the name and email address of their designee stating that they authorize this person to confirm student credit requests and verify student graduation status. 

III. Have Graduating Seniors Update Their Email Addresses in NAFTrack! – Students

With the launch of myNAFTrack just around the corner, make sure that your students update their email addresses with personal accounts so they can stay connected to our NAFTrack Certified Hiring Partners and unique opportunities!

If your students haven’t activated their NAFTrack accounts yet, have them do so before the end of the school year! See pgs. 8-9 for how students can complete this process.

IV. Students Request Credit for Approved AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment Courses – Students

V. Reports – All Users

NAFTrack Certification has several in-system reports to help you keep on top of your students’ progress towards certification.

Trainings: Webinar recordings with hands-on training activities can be found in:

  • NAFTrack Certification: Access Resources > Webinars
  • Academy Support Hub: Professional Learning > Webinars

Need Help?

For technical assistance with the system, contact the NAFTrack Certification Help Desk at or call 800-278-8506, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm ET for immediate assistance. For questions about implementation, contact

218 West 40th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-635-2400
Fax: 212-635-2409

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